The Truth About Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez With David Icke

In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the progressive movement with David Icke. What is the truth?

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  • WindRider5

    Wow! Exactly as I’ve have seen the state of affairs today! It feels good to know that there are some that see what I see! Thank you David! They are ALL being played!!!

  • Chad Sweeney

    Am I alone in believing this man said very little with a whole lot of words? I came here with an open mind and was severely underwhelmed.

  • Flip Flop Synonumous

    They are now suspiciously foolish like claiming killing terrorists is a bad thing. If you are unsettled it is because we have been at war with terror for 2 decades and ms13 doesnt do baccground checks. When Trials happen all insanity or ignorance pleas at this point is unacceptable behaviour and a continued antiresponsibility psychosis or HISS4short chin up darlings

  • Stakeaphobic Z

    Been saying it forever – liberals and progressives are greatly opposed to one another, conflicting ideologies.
    The Nazi party would have been considered progressive back in their day.

    Progressives are not democrats.

  • Mr. Gross

    Ok I don’t understand so he’s saying there isn’t an attack on workers here in the USA, I just want real news but I’m convinced this guy is a far right libertarian news reporter. Unsubscribed.

  • Jillylove 101

    AOC’s agenda is to control the world through the use use of communism and tyrannical globalism …says David Icke…lol. Is there anyone who he thinks isn’t? 😂 When everyone looks like a reptilian…😂😂😂. AOC is awesome, so’sTulsi….AOC smear ad on WAC..that IS Whack as DavidIck

  • C Scott

    David`s evaluation on current politics and our society in general , is spot on . Thank god there are still people with integrity , who are willing to say it how it is .

  • Samsara Peace

    Now America has become The United States Of Israel. There are no Right or Left .
    Although ….There is red and blue. It’s their costume in their game of thrones and rest of us pawns are colorless white expendable useless EATERS !!!
    None are liberal or conservative! Constantly throwing out words for marketing & programming to see how to move us game places !!!!
    They are just stinking piles of greedy Arconic 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • Dani Vela-Perez

    The fact that you would even stoop to entertain a guy that entertains reptilian shape shifter propaganda tells me all I need to know. Fuck you guys! You have an agenda of feeding people bullshit! I’m against the oligarchs and elite. But David Icke? Seriously? You guys are desperate! I’m unsubscribed!

  • Stacy Oneill

    Geez what a meandering windbag. Its really simple. Most Americans want universal healthcare (something he, as a British citizen enjoys) which the rest of the industrialized world has managed to do. AOC supports that as does 70% of Americans including 40% Repubs. And I don’t give a shit what kind of label gets put on me for wanting that.

  • keith brinson

    Tim Leary and Jim Morrison were involved in mind control and the gulf of Tonkin ☮️
    Clean water, free health care and firefighting is a leftist liberal socialist conspiracy !!!
    Stalin and Mao were left because nobody lies about being right wing and labels are linearly true…
    all armies involved in the gulf of Tonkin were leftist liberals 💚

  • Ryan Pearsall

    SHOW ME THE REPTILIANS DAVID!!?? YOU PEOPLE DON’T KNOW THIS GUY IS CRAZY… HE SAID HE SAW G.H.Bush turn into a Lizard man.. I’m sorry.. I liked you Luke and I like your sidekick.. But.. I’m done after your silly “all taxes are bad” comment the other day… UNSUBSCRIBE… I would still vote for you if you were running for president but we know it’s a race of low hanging fruit…

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