#WelcomeToCanada Isn’t Aging Well

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“Diversity is our strength” will go down as one of the greatest blunders from a Canadian Prime Minister in the history of this country. At Roxem road near the border in Quebec the number of illegal boarder crossings has risen to approximately 400 per day with no signs of it slowing down. In this video Leigh Stuart of Press For Truth tracks the latest developments including a planned rally that is set to take place on June 3rd which she will be attending to provide coverage. Stay tuned to our YouTube channel for updates as this situation continues to develop.

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  • John Haves

    To be fair this is a drop in the bucket compared to the 250,000+ legal immigrants last year, which the government plans to expand to 350,000 in the coming years

  • 79tazman

    Trudeau and the Liberal Government is allowing this to happen and they are not doing anything to stop this I’m for Immigration but when people are flowing over the boarder at such a large rate it causes chaos Homeless Canadians are feeling it already because the Illegals are over filling the Shelters, Food Banks can’t help the Canadians because the Illegals are cleaning them out, There is not enough places for these people to live, but it don’t bother the Government they are letting it happen and the needy Canadians are going to suffer for it.

  • Charalambos Papis

    Its not the Liberals and its not the conservatives.
    It is the Zionists that have perverted and corrupted the system.

  • Praegender Entity

    Press for Truth is developing nicely. I hope those who can afford a few dollars donate for the sake of getting the information they want for their personal lives and the protection and awareness of their family.

  • Praegender Entity

    I remember when the French used to have an issue with “the ethnic vote” within Quebec itself affecting their politics (anti-Quebec Canadian people worries from ‘new voters’)… and where are they now? Letting this happen to their province? WTF? Where are they now? Silent? Inactive?

  • Mariejo67

    I was there Saturday as a Quebec citizen concerned with that immigration with a bunch of patriots and all sorts of groups etc. I saw Faith but did not know at that time she had been attacked by the useless idiots. Quebec citizens will gather again to join our fellow Canadians the 3rd. Bring young ex-military with you for our protection like the III % . This group always follow us and they were guarding in the back were are cars where parked and caught an Antifa taking pictures of our car plates. She was put on the ground rather quickly no harm done.. but just brought down. Her personal information like her sun card and other things fell to the ground and we then found out she was a McGill university teacher who had also written a book about bullying…imagine that !!! So yeah, bring all the strong and well trained man with you and we will bring ours cause police do not check everywhere. Xxx

  • Derek Houle

    If only there was someone with the authority to put a stop to this. Who could that be? Hmmm… How about the person that still holds the title to the land?

  • Philippe De Champaigne

    Canaduh must have immigration to replace all the dead babies that Canaduh aborts. Seriously. Oh well.

  • sdgresl

    We are no longer Canadians; our PM has admitted, to the NY Times I believe, that Canada is the first post nationalist country. Thank you Liberals for destroying us all to get a selfie. Hope you’re proud to be a no one, born to nobody’s in an economic zone of irrelevancy.

  • Peter Furness

    I agree with having valid points of entry for a reason. If we continue this practice of allowing illegal immigration the legal people waiting for papers will have to give up and join the illegal immigrates .Thus the vetting process of immigrants will be null and void , which could lead to honor killings, terrorist attacks,etc.If you think I am harsh just try this in any other Country and find out what happens. Saudi Arabia, Israel,Mexico, etc all enforce their borders and oh yes the USA is starting to enforce their border as well. Thank you for important information.

  • martinc1966

    We are at capacity here in Montreal, they are being redistributed around from now on. And by around I mean further east,, Ontario and eventually further west. You`ll get your allotment, dont worry.

  • Paul N

    Businesses love this. Cheap labor creating wage suppression. The lobbyists pay off the politicians to look the other way. Welcome to elites vs common folks.

  • papapapist

    A country of fucking soy boys cucks and latent life lesbians will stand no chance in the future world.

  • watcher on the wall

    no agreement with the usa needed , we are a soverign country and we dont need their ok for anything …just turn them back , if our government would protect our boarders there would not be a problem, but …we dont really have a government and thats the problem. but…. if they will keep that garbage in quebec then fine .. but stay there and it can be quebecs problem not real canadians problems and quebec can support them if they like them so much tax the shit out of quebec people for all the social programs

  • Ron White

    Can’t go to the border… won’t be around at that time… but I sure do hope you get one heck of a turn out!
    This is something all Canadians should be standing up, speaking up, and showing up, for! ?

  • james motorz

    Work permits lololol “no work for them” just welfare. Send them to 24 Sussex. Wake up Canada before it’s too late.

  • Dario H.

    I’ve been talking about this for a few months now. Sorry but makes me very angry. 6500 people this year alone from Jan 2018 to April. RCMP are helping with their luggage. This sicken me. I want to try this cross over to states throw my papers away and cross through Quebec, and see what happens to me. Bet you I get arrested.

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