Bilderberg 2018 And The Agenda For A One World Government

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Bilderberg 2018 will be held in Turin Italy from June 7th to the 10th. Every year since 1954 the group has met with the strict instructions to their attendees that they must not openly talk about anything that was discussed at the meeting. These meetings gather presidents, queens and prime ministers, heads of finance, media moguls and military men to name a few at a 5 star hotel resort under heavy security lockdown as they secretly discuss the fate of the world completely off the record. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth hits up the streets of Vancouver to find out how many people have heard of this group and how they feel about their agenda to create a one world government! The results show that we in the independent media still have a lot of work to do whit comes to raising awareness about this group, so next week Dan will be traveling to Italy to do everything in his power to expose this group and their nefarious plans for humanity. If you would like to support Dan on his mission to expose Bilderberg please consider making a donation at the links below.

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  • Standing Man

    As secretive as the Constitutional Convention of 1789 which ignored and violated the Articles of Confederation, the States of the Union aka the American National Union, the Law of Nations and all the people that fought and died for independence from foreign supremacist (attitude) control.

  • brown55061

    Rich capitalists build hospitals, create companies, invent medical devices that save lives etc. Amazing how the average person WANTS one world govt now. Yes, give the people who hate you the most all the power to control every facet of your life. What??? We’re in a serious intelligence drought on this planet!

  • tommystock64

    if government is mind control , then I damn sure do not want to be a slave of a 1 world dictator / mind manipulator single entity bid rigging master

  • Carol MacDonald

    geshhhhhh tell me that dude in the dress is NOT MENTALLY INSANE!!!!!!! Ohhh myyyyy Rediculous interview with ding bats…UNSUBSCRIBE … bye

  • lue lunsford

    AGENDA21 the ELITES are Depopulateing US All with GMO foods fluorides water chemtrails vaccine abortion famine war plastics bpa and a hundred other things why because its AGENDA21 the ELITES are Depopulateing US All

  • The One and 0nly

    The biggest contributor to Israel in America is CUFI followed by AIPAC. Most of out tax is wasted on this. Stop dual citizens from running America!

  • chindoo

    That girl in yellow destroyed Capitalism pretty good although she wasnt armed with prefabricated and well eatablished socialistic responses. I loved it. She gotcha buddy. Vancouver #1. BTW you are the best.

  • Ray Falconer

    Wow… yes… that’s it… amazing… now I know how the Canadian Politicians get voted in…? We really have a huge job ahead of ourselves… it could take decades oh no… we don’t have that much time. Agenda 21 is being implemented through Agenda 2030 at lightning speed… and just maybe when the next crash happens and affects the entire World, I hope it won’t be to late for us.

  • jim

    People are idiots and they always show their true idiocy when they try to explain something that they have no idea what the hell they’re talking about. I truly fear for the human race.

  • Ian Crossen

    Omg we are stupid on average, this is hard to watch without getting angry. Baaaaaaaaa follow the herd!

  • jim

    If you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about and you truly know it, laughs nervously and look at the pigeons. LoL

  • Mark Reynolds

    NWO is 100% definately *-not-* being done for *_Love_* . It is being done out of Jewish racism toward every other non Jew and their Talmudic belief of them being Supreme and the “chosen people” to rule the world and enslave all of humanity. You should have dropped the truth on them and told them this is a religious extremist group who want to rule over the rest of us. The NWO is 100% about *-Jewish-* Supremacy. Always refer othem to the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Tell them about Jews promoting race mixing of every other race but their own. Tell them about Jews jailing/murdering/paying non Jews to leave Isreal ..while working 24/7 -365 days a year to flood all European Countries with these same Dark skinned migrants who hate us. Show them footage of Rabbi’s speaking of white genocide..Show them footage of how they mock Jesus Christ and brag about killing him and other Christians. Tell them about the “Goyim” and drop some Talmudic versus on them..Tell them of the greedy merchants being kicked out of over 100+ different countries. Tell them about the Holodomore genocide and the 6 million lie.Tell them of their Communist history and future plans..I could go and on and on. Atleast leave these people you interview with some knowledge and source material.. or a flyer with some websites, videos links, key words etc. to point them in the right direction. Just asking questions is doing absolutely nothing to stop this or wake people up. .We already know the people are unaware of the NWO Agenda because if they were aware of their Agenda these Zionists and those Non Jews who’ve been paid off would already be six feet under at the hands of the people. Please if you’re reading this spread the knowledge you have on this subject to your family, friends, strangers, etc…for the sake of humanity and a secure future for all races…….besides (((one))) if they keep this up.✌

  • Jefferson Kind

    Wow, if the participants were able to get a coherent thought out, they were are all leftie, socialist, commie mental slaves. They were overwhelmingly for one world govt. They have no fucking idea what the level of tyranny would be in this coming situation. Even the older ones seemed to go the way of socialism.
    Yes, it is concerning. Overall, the sheep are sound asleep in CA and the USA, Inc.

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