CHINESE BANK RUN May Lead To Bigger Problems! – It’s Just The Beginning

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen on a beach as we at WAM take a 2 day breaks. We felt it necessary to still get a report done and when we found out about a bank run started by a rumor in China, it stood out!
Linshang Bank in Hong Kong was rushed by countless people following a rumor of a bank run spreading to the public.
Police questioned 27 people, detained 12 and severely reprimanded 15 as people begun to talk about problems at the bank with 61 billion dollars in deposits. Many are saying it was employees who spread the rumor and it lead to a very rare run on the bank.
As John goes into, this is only the beginning as we will see legitimate bank runs in the near future and it’ll result in nothing as banks go waltzing into a cashless technocratic future, no proper reserves are held and debt is abundant!
If your money’s in the bank, it’s not yours, it’s the bank’s! Private vaults provide far more security of wealth and even still, fiat paper currency will crash and become worthless and when that happens, you can run on a bank all you want, you can utilize that fiat paper you kept under your mattress. It won’t mean anything as it won’t be worth anything.
There are solutions to this problem though. Wealth insurance is important. Self sustainability is important. One has to be personally responsible and financially responsible. Food, water, shelter, defense and sound money!

Stay tuned as we continue to cover these issues!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Arunabha Sarkar

    There is another analytical way to interpret the data at hand. The news/rumor spreads exponentially (1 person communicates to many). Extending this logic, we can arrive at a nice possible trend. If you see exponentially increasing news like these… more and more bank runs in same time (like a month or week or semester), then we know the shit is about to get real… Otherwise, just more time to prepare for eventual collapse (& bank runs will be its small part among other major problems). Cheers

  • PeripheryPete

    World Alternative Media I just had to subscribe again. I’d heard Google was unsubscribing people if they don’t like a channel. It looks like they might be targetting you. There’s no option for getting notifications anymore either. Fascist Nazi tactics.
    Please put your stuff on Vidme too. That way you have somewhere we can go to if they wipe your stuff and we can support Google’s rivals and free speech. It’s not like you’re saying anything controversial really and you never condone violence. I wouldn’t watch you if you did. You don’t even swear.
    Google Youtube is showing itself up again. I wish everyone would move to Vidme. Free speech is completely necessary for an informed, peaceful, functional, prepared society whether you like the opinions or not. Google thought police strike again. Very immature intellectually, silly and dangerous in the long run and maybe even the short one.
    Open discourse is the best way to avoid violence in society. I’m old enough to remember when Left leaning organisations fought for free speech. I liked them a lot more in those days. Even children know sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. Absolutely pathetic to attack a channel like this.

  • Bizzare77777

    Making a big deal about a couple of people in China withdrawing money from their bank accounts? Really?? Someone is definitely running out of content.

  • Patriot OfGod

    Of course Trump is considering military action in Venezuela.
    When has a bully not jumped on a weakling?

    I’m prepared.
    I have pot, organic food , half a bottle of water to clean my ass, a sharp knife, and 6 million in gold.

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