The Fight For $15: Facts, Fiction And Future!

Will raising the minimum wage to $15/hour fast track a robotics led AI world? In this video Brian Thiesen of Press For Truth separates the facts from the fiction and provides his views on what the future may very well look like! Support us on Patreon ➜


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  • Free That's funny

    Very interesting. Here’s a question, when there’s very little humans working because they have been replaced. Who will be left to pay or be able to afford these products built by robots?

  • Sublunary World

    Lmfao I made $15 an hr in 1980
    Making a living by working is just a joke at this point… Work all day and be further behind than you where the day before..
    Time to stand together people or you will all be sent to war to kill each other off.. No terminators needed…
    The terminator is a production line with robotic arms… They don’t need to build the whole terminator… Just a weapons production line…. People are so stupid they will just hand the guns out and watch the dumb fu@&$ go kill each other in the name of there country… ?
    And people are so stupid they will rush to do it.. A little food shortage here… Fuel shortage there… Some talking head on the news making bullshit sound like something important.. Terrorists are Comming for you lmao… The terrorists are here you voted them in… Seen it all so many times.. And it has never failed yet.. Millions upon millions of corpses can’t be wrong..✌️or ? you decide..

  • watcher on the wall

    well we don’t need to worry about this high tech in Canada , we are not even capable of building a refinery , or grading lumber cut for construction materials , it all has to go to the usa for grading and refining ….. robotics in Canada ….bwwwaaaahhahahahah !

  • watcher on the wall

    yes work force and labor force is reducing … because our government has sent all our jobs to the usa , mexico, china , Vietnam , everywhere but here so al we have is minimum wage jobs or ultra wage jobs if you get employed by the government  albatross

  • Sheldon Springer

    Meh, It isnt the base wage that needs addressing, it the bloody cost of living, that needs to be lowered. Raising wages never, ever helped.

  • coojsta69

    today we take out a loan for 1 house so we can work all our life to pay off 2 houses. .tomorrow we will take out multiple loans so we can lobby for our robots to join the workforce of a certain company. ..this is the future middle class. .tomorrow’s poor die

  • megacide84

    I’m for hiking minimum wage to $15/hr and beyond…for people like myself & friends already employed as

    security guards
    prison guards
    alarm technicians.

    We will see bigger paychecks after adjustments. When companies do go all the way in streamlining, automating and imposing stricter hiring standards.
    Unemployment will skyrocket… which will fuel MORE violent crime by a pissed off obsolete permanently unemployable workforce. When it hits the fan and it will…Demand for private security and emergency services will go through the roof. The prison system will also see huge gains. Especially when it comes to safety and insurance reasons.

  • Jason Chin

    the greed at the top just flows down hill. the people at the top don’t care about the people bellow them. that attitude just funnels down all the way to the bottom. if the people at the top were not so greedy and actually wanted to help everyone it would be much better.
    unfortunately the corporations that we invest in have a responsibility to us the shareholders to make as much money as possible. here is another problem. we demand our investments make money then we wonder why everything costs so much.
    the solution
    don’t invest in the markets? not sure…
    definitely don’t use automated checkouts. that is for sure.
    try to purchase items at local shops(if you can find them)
    try to stay away from large box stores.

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