The Free Market Has Spoken DTube Is Here! A Blockchain Solution To YouTube Censorship!

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The free market has come up with an answer to the issue of YouTube’s censorship and control by using blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency STEEM as a database which can’t be censored and it enables earning rewards from your uploads.! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth interviews Adrien M. the creator of about his new platform and how this new decentralized video sharing platform could potentially be the nail in the coffin for Google’s most popular website, YouTube.

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  • Derek Green

    First rule of business. Diversify. have as many revenue streams as possible .both in where you make your money. what different types of money you earn and where you keep and how you keep your money

  • watcher on the wall

    well… guess no more ptf for me then … i cant get a steamit account , they say my phone number is no good so im screwed …bye people

  • Leia Inniss

    You don’t want a slow drip, you want a mass exodus but no one’s going to make the jump for something inferior so make it JUST LIKE YOUTUBE>>>

  • Leia Inniss

    He’s overthinking this.. Make it exactly like youtube with a simple ad-rev function and a patreon-style option and we rollin’…..!

  • Citizen Gamer

    Digital Currency is not your freedom. They want you to use digital currency. The only way the “can’t buy and sell without a mark” system works is if all money is held in cyberspace and you need a chip or such to spend it. You are being led by the nose to the solution they want. Blockchain currency is exactly what it sounds like… your chains of the future.

  • canadianroot

    Steem blows. I made an ID but missed one character copying the password. Toast. Created a new user name. Got “approved” (whatever that means), but since I used the same phone number, I couldn’t register. So, approved, but not approved. Why would they approve if a different phone number was required? I messaged them on FB 2 months ago. Hasn’t even been read. Steem seems to be a bit of a circle jerk.

  • jerrywh3

    So where is all this “money” from steemit coming from? This all sounds too complicated for the average joe to get setup up on. I’m pretty good with tech and have never quite figured out bitcoin and how it’s valuable. I’ve only used it to purchase stuff from the darknet and been confused over what all the different wallets are for or how to setup a wallet outside of coinbase or hood keys. Also it sounds like YouTube wants these “fringe” sites moved to a medium that is outside of the scope of the older generations that find YouTube easy to use and put you in a place it’s harder for people to view your content.

  • guruuDev

    Halleluiah!  The YT format is awesome, except for the slimy CIA censorship. I like the Steem dollar monetization combined with possible advertising too.  The DTube solution sounds perfect!

  • Hot Chille Prepper

    Dtube needs work, loads very slowly, but anything to give Jewtube a run for its money is a positive thing.

  • Destiny Joy Brewer

    Question : Google dropped support for Samsung Smart T.V.s will they have an app? Will it work on a smart tv?

  • D Rutter

    Just went to steemit…. and I see you’ve already made almost $500 on this video, Dan! Not bad for 3 hours after uploading, right on.

  • Sungun Huh

    What is the relation with Library credit coins. I was wondering what the difference is between the two. Thank you for the great videos!

  • J P

    I know nothing about block chains. How does this replace YouTube? Do you have to be a Steemit user first? Explanation needed for people who don’t know much about technology.

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