The Incredible TRUTH About Kratom! – What You Need To Know with Luis Mises

Josh Sigurdson talks once again with Luis Fernando Mises about kratom, a plant that people are quickly adopting as a potential pain alleviation supplement as well as a potential anti-depressant.
Luis explains what kratom is for everyone to understand as its popularity quickly grows within the alternative health communities.
We had previously interviewed Luis about kratom last year and due to popular demand, we had to cover it again. We wanted to dig into kratom further as many people had concerns and many had questions. The support for kratom certainly outweighs the concerns but nonetheless, it’s important to explain these matters to the best of our ability as some people DO get hooked and there are potential problems that come with the cousin of coffee.
It’s also interesting to see the FDA’s reaction to kratom as it is restricted in a few places within the United States but the attempts by many to make it free to use throughout the country has been largely successful.
Luis explains the pros and cons of kratom and why people should possibly take a second look at it.

Stay tuned as we continue to follow this subject!

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Luis Fernando Mises
Josh Sigurdson

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  • Cala Vera

    I’ve been taking Kratom for several years now and I experience zero side effects. I am 49 years old and I do not take any pharmaceutical drugs. I am healthy and happy, and I have Kratom to thank for that. Four years ago Kratom assisted me greatly in my withdrawal and recovery from alcohol and depression, and I haven’t had a drink since. I attribute my overall general feeling of health and well being to my choice to take Kratom on a daily basis. That feeling encourages me to make healthy choices in all areas of my life, which acts like a domino effect and brings me even more health and happiness. If I had one criticism to say in regards to Kratom, it would be that you do develop a tolerance to it over time and this requires an increase in the dose if you want to feel the euphoric effects. That being said, I can abstain from taking it at any time and not feel any kind of withdrawals symptoms. Kratom really is an incredible plant.

  • Mike Marshall

    KRATOM WORKS! Blew out back taking care of paralyzed wife for 8 years. US MD put me on poison Vicodin but I had no idea just how bad it was for my health. Once enlightened I tried to get off of it but incredibly difficult. Have friend who’s wife is DNA Scientist++ and she recommended Kratom. I took one capsule in AM and one in PM (Enhanced Malay version) and was shocked by results. I was completely OFF of vicodin opiate in under ONE WEEK with NO side effects or withdrawals! Both my idiot American MD and smart Naturopath Dr were quite stunned by this. Oddly there is no difference in pain (worse of better) without Vicodin being taken, so why did my MD keep me on it? Good question! I also noticed it helps with anxiety and is helping me reduce the Zanax that my “MD” put me on as well which is helping me wean off of that poison as well. It does help with mild depression. My guess on both depression and anxiety is that it helped reduce it by 25-50%, so it is NOT a cure but sure is helpful. The only side effect I noticed was by 3rd day, my eyes felt dry, so I just stopped Kratom for a day or two and then ok. I now take Kratom only “as needed” for any extra pain or anxiety, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, IT GOT ME OFF OF OPIATES/VICODIN IN APPROX ONE WEEK! Our criminal FDA needs to get this approved to help with our opiate addiction crises. It is safe, natural, minor to no side effects and cheap. Good luck to others and hope you have the same luck that I did. I am a former (reformed) Big Pharma Sales Rep. and would never have believed this info had I not tried it and cannot say enough bad things about the toxic Rx’s that are being produced. Mother nature has all the natural cures for you, just got to do your own homework and experiment to see what works best for you.

  • Angela Adams

    I bought all 3 strains from Luis bc I saw it on this channel (as I was already looking to buy a quality kratom product) however I don’t know how much to take. I’ve tried as high as 10 grams without much effect. I also mixed 2 of the strains (white + green) in trying to experiment

  • lessthandomestic

    Kratom is fine in small doses but long term over use has caused me intense physical withdrawal and mood swings which have negatively impacted my personal relationships. Kept under 15g a day it is an excellent anti depressant but I personally wish I had never started using it.

  • R V

    Dated a girl who took this shit for a month and almost died. Her eyes got bright yellow which is a sign of liver problems. She had an enlarged and fatty liver and her kidneys were messed up a bit. Took a minite to recover too.

  • Eric Harman

    Hey Josh and John I wanted to share this with you and get your thoughts. You have helped me a lot with my understanding, and your input is valuable to me. I commented on someone’s belief that JP Morgan Chase pushing the silver market down was a bad idea for themselves. And I disagree. Tell me if you believe my analysis.

    Actually the original comment is correct. JP Morgan Chase was/is manipulating the silver price down! I will explain:

    The Bank first continually has been increasing their silver holdings for decades as anyone can see over history.

    As the tons of silver grow in their possession, they get their traders to ‘spoof’ the market which is essentially creating sell orders, which are MASSIVE sale orders, then cancelling the sale orders before they are filled. Which such ENORMOUS volume of silver in the sale order, the mere order itself pulls the price of silver lower. Then before the order has a chance to be fulfilled the trader cancels the sell order, yet his action stills brings the price of silver lower. The action is done SEVERAL times, all the while the bank purchases a much lower quantity of silver at the lower price than the ‘spoofed’ orders which are cancelled.

    Because the Bank increases its silver holdings, this action allows an even greater ease of ‘spoofing’ the silver market due to their growth of holdings.

    NOW the reason the Bank keeps growing their silver horde:

    If you research the Federal Reserve, you will know that all major U.S. banks sit on The FED board of directors because the Federal Reserve is a quasi private bank. The FED, Treasury, and Exchange Stabilization Fund “which is an untouchable arm of the treasury unchecked by any person, governmental body, or governmental department” have a unique relationship which amounts to something EXTREMELY nefarious!

    If you do a little research you will find that the Exchange Stabilization Fund “ESF” has a primary duty to prop up the U.S. Dollar at ALL COST! Look into this!!!

    Long story short, the FED is controlled by the ESF, the FED is a board of private bank CEO’s, and JP Morgan Chase is the largest bank in America….no matter what JP Morgan Chase does, they’re too big to fail or bring down No Matter What!!!….so the people who run the show say at least…because the elite of the elite are tied to the hip of every big bank.

    Finally to sum it all up, JP Morgan Chase is hording silver to manipulate to price lower NOT TO LOOSE MONEY in the asset, but to do the will of the ESF. Lowering the silver price discourages the U.S. citizens from investing in it and holding it, and holding silver is the first step to loosing faith in the fiat monetary system. And because the U.S. dollar has been having a SERIOUS decline in purchasing power due to rampant inflation, ‘The System’ CANNOT allow faith in the dollar to fail. That’s why only one junior trader at JP Morgan Chase became the fall guy when the Bank was most recently called out for manipulating the Comex Market. The precious metals market has to remain suppressed by all means necessary to prop up the dollar, which in turn protects the fiat monetary system, the stock market, the economy, and the elite who control the previous stated.


    One day the flood gate on the system will break…it’s a mathematical certainty…all fiat currencies eventually fail and revert back to the value of the worthless paper it’s printed on all through history. But The FED is the Acting Puppet for the Treasury/ESF and the JP Morgan Chase Bank is the lower extension of the FED you could say and the silver market has to be suppressed. The silver horde can be thought of as an insurance policy for the bank and a tool for U.S. Dollar perception management. Lower the value of gold and silver and people will stay in dollars. You know deep down that the government has sociologists, psychologists, and other educated people in the realm of thought/perception management that analyze the population to best create and scheme a situation to move their will into fruition….this is the scheme that was created.

    Some people say its all the FED’s fault…they’re wrong…that’s just blaming the hit man that the boss ordered to murder my dollar….

  • Minuteman 801

    I was on morphine 30mg slow release 3 times a day 15mg morphine rapid release twice a day. I was almost cut in half a drunk driver he was driving without headlights made a left hand turn infront of me I was on my motorcycle driving 55mph on my way into work for OT at 1:30am on a Wednesday I had been riding for 30 years. I’m a veteran and I drove tractor trailer and I worked for GM I have had continual drug testing. I came up positive for having codine that was not perscribed to me, which I am alergic to in my records but the Dr. didn’t want to hear it and dropped me. With electronic records what was I supposed to do petal my story all over town and beg? I had found out later that the Dr. are mandated to cure you so they can say see we fixed him. He was also sending me to all these specialists wo operated on me soooo many times he was taking everything we made we were going broke just getting pain meds. I resigned myself just to try not to move but with every heartbeat it hurts, pain is exhausting. My wife after 2 months went to local Herbalist to ask for help and she turned us onto Kratom through expermentation we do a 50/50 Red Bali and Megda we put it into a 00 pill I take about 20 a day 4 every 4 hours . The Red Bali was making me to tired and The Megda last longer IMO. I take the Red Bali at night it helps me sleep I wake up hurting at around 2am ans take 4 more.
    The Kratom well providing relief didn’t do it all nothing will even morphine so my wife went to work and research CBD oil she makes a body butter Shes Butter, coconut oil, olive oil, a crushed up menthol crystal and CBD oil this makes a pasty butter that I can put right where it hurts my family help me with it. I’m back up and moving I hopp on one foot my pelvis was shattered and healed twisted too much to go into. I would probably would have never looked into this if I wasn’t forced but financially speaking hands down best ever and it comes close to what the morphine was doing with both Kratom and CBD oil.
    I only hope someone else sees this and has a loved one or they themselves are in the same bost I was in and this helps.

  • Mr. Wolf

    Natural healing is the best. As long as it’s used and not abused. Out with big pharma, in with natural healing. Then people will be cured instead of just being treated and farmed for money.

  • SupportTheTruth 2

    12:07 that is my weapons too.
    “Remember, whatever mainstream media tells you, IT IS THE OPPOSITE” – Lionel Nation

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