The Mineral War Exposed: How China, North Korea And The US Are Setting The Stage For WW3

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Earth minerals are the digital cotton fields of the 21st century and some of the most powerful nations in the world are now in a race to obtain the global supply. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth explains how a war with North Korea will be presented as a humanitarian mission but behind the deep state agenda is a plan for the US to out do China as the worlds leading miners of precious earth minerals.

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  • Jacqueline Robitaille

    North Korea does not have any nuclear weapon! It’s all a part of trying to make them look like a nanny! It’s the same thing they did was wrong and look what they did they went in there and they destroyed it so are you going to do is follow the money trail that’s all you have to do

  • substation41

    I guess the US will come take what they need from ?? Canada…when they’re ready…like taking candy from a baby!

  • Machine Freedom

    “Crippled US economy and put weapons Productions to a halt.”… Well that’s a cute idea and now I’m curious if this is fear porn or propaganda?

  • Adam 1984

    The Jesuit Order control most world governments and leaders !
    The Jesuits control The New World Order.
    Study the history of the Jesuits.

  • Tigerhearty

    So.. China is litterally the “iron bank” of this world and the “blacksmith” altogether (as they also detain most of the technology factories that us companies uses to make all their technological products, TV, computer parts, smartphones / iphones and so on… ) They are basically the economy of the world…


    Hey thank you for this my friend and I have been talking about this.
    And ti tell you the truth I thing that’s why China is Makie those islands. There are minerals underneath.
    Iraqi and Iran. North Korea has it too.
    These are very expensive trace minerals worth a lot.
    Peace. I really liked your show last night
    Keep it up.

  • Darren Swift

    We really don’t know who exactly is running the countries of the world. If anyone thinks they do they’re just hoping for outcomes based on buying into bs. If the faceless want a World War 3 that’s what they’re gonna create.

  • Kelvin Grabowsky

    A lot of pieces are missing in your presentation, Dan.

    Nobody’s going to need the latest iPhone if the world is obliterated and whose left to spend the multi trillion dollars if this does escalate into a world war. I realize there’s a lot of moving chess pieces here, but even the elite (as evil as they are) won’t risk total annihilation because there’s not profit in it.

  • Yam Tahira

    One more reason USA has problem with North Korean regime because NK has good military ties with Iran since Iraq Iran war and NK helped Iran in Missile technology too.Iran and Assad Syria both r resistance of Israeli mission in ME.Trump keeps Iran’s deal ,threaten more sanctions.Iran cleared to US we can leave NPT if US will impose more illegal sanctions on us

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