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  • Carlton Hughes

    All the white girls and men just want dark meat!! Their like that in the USA!! Can’t change it, only the Lord!! ??

  • Dee lunarfox

    A bunch of hired losers playing emotional bingo when the corruption is too high & they are gonna end up in a concentration camps. PFT is just standing back and letting these arrogant people ruin themselves as they play heroes.

  • Symbolic Living

    I don’t see why anyone would want to go to any of these rallies unless they want to fight and argue with people. Too much ego in people.

  • hunkey monkey

    The mayor of Vancouver, through global news/media begged to anti protesters to drown any speech, other than leftist ideology.

    If you go against the left, you will lose your jobs, get beaten, & take verbal abuse, my g/f & I are both minorities, we can’t stand up for conservative values. What a joke.

    Gordon Roberston

  • Carlton Hughes

    They just hate themselves, nothing we can do. But just do just keep on reporting, good job, right if we fight them, that’s what they won’t!! ??

  • ACAB Media

    Dan, you’re not the man you were at the G20 .. You’ve turned into trash … Don’t know what happened to you, but you seem to have lost our mind. …Which side perpetrated the violence in Charlottesville? How about Barcelona? … It is coming down to 2 sides and you sure seem to be on the wrong one all of a sudden.

  • G Wendell

    So much melodrama and emotional labelling on all sides of these issues. One side positing a false utopian postmodernism and the other the decline of Western civilization. Where are the civil intellectual debates? Hyperbole and adversarial labeling is the name of the game these days. “Nazis” and “Commies.” How did it get so low? How about reality? Divide and conquer! IMO PFT plays an essential role in bringing controversial information to light and I watch regularly, but I might be inclined to critique the approach and lack of detailed specific questions or dialogue with the crowd. (at least in this particular video) At the same time Dan is being (incorrectly) branded a racist while not articulating his position or posing questions if he has them. I suppose for all sides here, amped up emotion is playing a role these days with people mentally paralyzed and unable to speak and disagree or debate without going over-the-top in favor of presenting a specific argument. It must be noted that everyone is afraid and angry. At least this didn’t degenerate into violence but one gets the sense that it could quite easily. The strategy nowadays in any public disagreement is to drown out and brand people you disagree with while proclaiming some fallacious harbinger as the real picture. Keep going PFT. Most of us know you are a decent guy trying to bring an alternative perspective and it is appreciated.

  • Mehran Zanjani

    Nothing worse than a brain washed crowd stopping speech. You might need a tougher entourage. Maybe some nonwhites who agree with you and love your show and message. I have seen you enough to know you are the opposite of a racist. Thanks for your work from one of those said non whites.

  • Cat in canada

    Dan…I’m from hongcouver where the libtard mental illness rules the stupidity of the day….I commend you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I hadn’t moved from those freaks I’d have jumped in my car gone down there and stood with you!!!!!!

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