Gold, Silver & Crypto Can’t Be Stopped! – The Future of Investing with Frank Holmes

Josh Sigurdson talks with Frank Holmes, Chairman of Hive Blockchain and CEO/CIO of U.S. Global Investors.
Frank goes into his thoughts on gold for 2018 as the artificial bear market appears to show signs of breaking free of bank constraints.
Frank then goes into why cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are a game changer and where he believes cryptos will go in 2018 to 2019 as well as how millennials affect the market.
Another issue that seems to be unfortunately prevalent is that people who love gold tend to dislike cryptocurrencies and people who love cryptos tend to dislike gold despite their values both being based heavily in scarcity, application use and demand. Well diversification is important and Frank explains this interesting quandary we’ve seen in recent days.

Frank then breaks down Hive Blockchain which is quickly innovating the market and creating cash flow, quickly rising up in the ranks as the first publicly listed blockchain infrastructure company which connects cryptocurrency and blockchain markets with your usual capital markets.
The company creates a lucrative opportunity for shareholders and is able to leverage Genesis Mining’s knowledge, IP and procurement power in developing new facilities and other businesses.
They’re working all over the world including in Sweden, Norway and Iceland. They own a state of the art GPU based crypto mining facility in Iceland. With heavy focus on Ethereum and Bitcoin, this company has massive potential to see continued growth. It’s truly incredible what they company has accomplished in the past year alone.
This barely scratches the surface. Frank simplifies and explains the project.

You can find Hive at

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Frank Holmes
Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Matt ward

    Glad Y’all back on the PM’s train!!! Forget cryptos unless they are backed by proven hard assets such as Gold/silver!! One way or another we are going back to the basics again. The simpler it is the more widely it will be understood and used.

  • World Alternative Media

    I’m temporarily banned from Facebook for “hate speech” so please give this video a share and get it out there! 😉
    ~ Josh

  • Spirit of Truth

    Very thoughtful and knowledgeable interview w/ this gentleman. Your uploads are much appreciated. Thx, WAM. ?

  • Luke Monkman

    Stop pumping EOS! It is CENTRALIZED. 21 nodes and you don’t know who they are. And isnt that the symbol for satan or something? Marilyn Manson has it tattooed on his wrist. Occult secret segregated and controlled.

  • Matt ward

    Just watched the whole video and my conclusion is that Frank Holmes will be eating his dick with John Mcafee!!!!

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