Larken Rose vs Victor Pross – EPIC Anarchist Debate on Open Borders/Trump Travel Ban

Josh Sigurdson moderates a fiery debate between anarchist Larken Rose and Victor Pross the anarchist artist regarding the much contested issue of open borders vs. closed borders!
Starting with opening statements, Larken and Victor both give opinion behind their viewpoints as anarchists, but soon after, the debate got heated as the two went head to head. Larken supports open borders saying that fear regarding the influx of cultures who are incompatible with anarchy is irrelevant and that it is a statist notion to restrict their freedom of movement. Victor who was arguing for closed borders in the case of private property argued that immigration is a statist problem and that these cultures could pose a massive problem much like Europe where women are being raped in the streets.
For 53 minutes, the two snap back and forth at each other. It’s up to you the viewer to decide who “won” or “lost”. But rest assured, this debate is both entertaining and informative.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Larken Rose
Victor Pross
Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • John Doe

    There are only so many tax dollars . When your parents are spending their last days in care you will see how this effects you and it will get worse for you and your kids . Look down the road not just what is in front of you .

  • kmg501

    I’ll have to watch later but I can guess how this is going to go. I like Larken but I’m going to guess that he is going to get wildly stupid about this.

  • rumco

    Pross is as weak as it gets. I don’t hear him calling for deportation of people from California and NY, two most statist socialist states, or forbidding them from coming to Nebraska. That’s what he should be advocating. What he is advocating is regulating one set of companies within an industry because another part of it is taxed already. It’s ridiculous.

  • Prepare2Survive

    I think Larken should have spent a little more time explaining to Victor that increasing the drain on the welfare system by allowing an influx of immigrants is a separate issue. One does have an effect on the other, but Victor’s main gripe is within the welfare system and not actually with immigration. Larken could have probably just added that not stopping the lady walking from one tree to another is not an act of aggression and likewise not stealing from your neighbor to feed and cloth her would also not be an act of aggression. Thinking that you have to do one if you allow the other is the problem.

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