The Demise Of The Rebel Media – What You Need To Know

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When It Comes To Alternative Media, Posers Are Always Eventually Exposed. A video released today by a former Rebel Media employee Caolan Robertson details the corrupt nature of how Ezra Levant, owner of Rebel Media makes his money as well as how he treats his employees. In this video Dan Dicks of Press for Truth breaks down the details of this bombshell expose involving money scandals and the firing of their former correspondent Lauren Southern

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  • Press For Truth

    I used to like The Rebel but they’ve changed…actually most of their reporters are still good but Ezra’s leadership seems to have created quite the rift on the inside

  • Elite Eye

    *Press for Truth, —– Wow, Dan Dicks, backstabbing fellow conservative’s like Ezra shows us your true colors. I will never watch another video of yours! —- This is how evil and the liberals win. I bet Satan is dancing right now!*

  • Ronald Tremblay

    Wow !!! I was helping support the Rebel Media. Now I feel like such a fool. Well it looking like your doing start getting what I was dominating too the Rebel. I hope it’s going to be money well spent. Don’t let me down Dan

  • nkw1985

    “Let’s report on The Rebel drama so we can get some of their donator’s money!” I would hope that alot of the people that donated to The Rebel will learn their lesson and not blindly donate to shit without seeing proof of where the money is going.

  • Unstoppable

    Never trust a Zionist. Alex Jones is another Zionist NDA shill. Ask Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton oh wait you can’t.

  • Fed up American

    Why don’t you wait to actually get proof of where the money went before you start accusing others of things you may not know about. That guy has a story too. I will take you more seriously when I see the “embezzlement proof”.

  • Through The Smoke

    You’re saying he learned from the failed sun media and created a successful model that provides good content that people voluntarily donate to support? Are u retarded fam

  • Elke Summer

    I’m sorry that you’re struggling financially. Perhaps in a year or so your station will PICK UP MOMENTUM, like EZRA’s has. But tell me honestly, when your fans start paying you in the MILLIONS, will you be giving back some of that extra money?? Hm. You’ve got bills to pay too. You’ve got projects to work on. Let’s TALK THEN and SEE what you do with your SLUDGE FUND!!

  • Greg Pek

    Really bad reporting. Caolan has been shown to be a blackmailer and a fraud. The other employee who quit was his boyfriend and they were defrauding Ezra and Rebel Media. Even Tommy Robinson got caught up in their evil doings.
    I am not going to unsubscribe to this channel because of this one item, but I have seen your other reporting be way off from time to time.
    Big time thumbs down.

  • End Of Innocence

    Others have made compelling videos outing the Rebel as controlled opposition — zionist progressives posing as their opposition.


    Press For Truth, I guess you are NOT a Jew. Its why you are struggling and on your own.
    I am White but would love to have some of that Jewish privilege and globalist support.

  • Jason Wall

    Pft is done in my books. I wont watch them anymore. He is reporting and believing on the story of a blackmailer. Wheres the hard facts…the real proof, with the accusations? Pft, you lost your credibility.

  • Darr Whyask

    The comments here read like Germany, 1938. If in 2017 you believe the Jewish people are in any way ‘the enemy’, you’re a fool to be ignored.
    BTW, begging for money at the end of this video only proves your motivation. Get a day job.

  • Spativm

    This is why all so called “common sense” channel owners should get normal job. So they had independent funds on doing what’s their passion. Not relying in 100% on their subscribers/donations/monetization. This might be natural selection mechanism for at least some so called “patriots” or left side heroes. Seriously just let’s name it openly – scammers parasitic on what’s currently profitable. I don’t need UHD quality of content when it comes to learning the truth. This isn’t CNN i don’t need vids on daily basis as well edited like it’s done by editing guru. The only thing i seek is truth and not fancy preachers posing as a truth saviors constantly begging for money. The least thing “common sense” needs now is to get divided by black-ops/fake truthers from inside trying to cause rift within leaning right community. So much deception going on that mind boggles…

  • Ruffneck Matt

    Well people who blackmail other people for money , are scumbags and Goofs ! If those two have ethics, why didn’t those two go to the cops ! No instead they blackmailed him , for money!

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