The Truth About Trump’s Afghanistan War – More Globalist Interventionism

Josh Sigurdson breaks down the truth about the recent ramp up of the Afghanistan war under Trump following the President’s speech and announcement of 3900 more troops being deployed in the region.
With praise by globalist neocons like John McCain and Lindsey Graham and criticism by Senator Rand Paul, Congressman Thomas Massie and former Congressman Ron Paul, it’s quite clear that the military industrial complex is alive and well and growing more than ever with each passing day.
If conservatives are going to call themselves “small government” they probably shouldn’t endorse the biggest government implementations. There’s no bigger government than the global military industrial complex.
While Trump claims this is not nation building, that’s literally what it is. With trillions of dollars spent and trillions more to be spent on what’s come to be the longest war in American history, this is no laughing matter.
Arming and funding rebels for decades and destruction of countless nations while propping up puppet dictators, the script continues as resources are seized and stolen and so many innocent lives are lost.
In Afghanistan, a country where women used to work, wear skirts, go to the beach in bikinis, women are now oppressed beyond belief.
From high functioning societies to craters and constant fatal danger.
The United States and the military industrial complex including the CFR and Trilateral Commission cronies have done nothing but create instability, blow-back and perpetual problem, reaction, solution repeat to a level that would shock even Hegel.
The monetary system needs perpetual war and this provides the necessities.

This is precisely what Bush and Obama championed and meanwhile, the Trump supporters that called out Bush and Obama for this very thing remain quite silent and apathetic and apathy begets evil.

In this video, Josh breaks down the history of the conflict and why this will only continue to play into the hands of the warmongers just as the script is written.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

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