Trump’s Phoney Populism And The 2016 Presidential sElection

As revealed in the e-mails leaked by WikiLeaks, the Democrats were thrilled at the thought of campaigning against Trump in the general election. In the last 8 years we’ve seen the left-right paradigm crash and burn, more people are identifying as libertarian or anarchist, they are seeing through the charade of Democrats versus Republicans, or Liberals versus Conservatives.
Trump is undoing that progress. He’s got people interested in voting rather than supporting secession and decentralization. People are looking to fix Washington rather than ignore it. They want to “Make America Great Again” instead of dissolving the Union. in this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth rants about the current US presidential selection and the phony populist propaganda!


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  • wiredsloth

    WRONG – u can’t ignore TRUMP he has his own influence in the media, he IS
    NOT RON PAUL.. all the can do is SPIN… and this is not the 1960s, you
    can’t killed trump – it’s far too obvious, it will only ensure an
    establishment loss

    its all in the name folks – press for truth – orwellian double speak –
    funded by soros and co… sprinkle some truth in with the disinfo… just
    another fake alt media channel…

    the money changers? bill still covered this when you were still a virgin…

  • Joe MacDonald

    Enjoyed the video, the call from alternative media should be for a general
    strike across America on election day. Peaceful Revolution , peace brother

  • chinabound99

    Dan it is frustrating but its far worse than left right the whole world is
    run under the demonic puppet master. There is a storm coming that will
    devastate to a point that no one will be unscathed. Unfortunately it is way
    to late to play your hand. The solution you provide is great if we had
    fifty years and a real commitment to walk away but we are in a dependent
    system that has been meticulously been putting the noose around our neck
    for a very very long time. Besides most people are unprepared to start
    fresh, tied to the system, completely sold out or are unbelievably
    clueless. The remainder are awake and busy preparing for what is coming. So
    some are very hopeful that Trump can provide some much needed breathing
    room even if he is flawed like every other single human being. We are up
    against criminal monsters who work every single second to lock down this
    world. So I pray everyday for help to get through this insanity.

  • Kel C

    Trump is no republican and certainly not a democrat
    I’m out Never Trumpers are going to have to live with the queen of the
    flies good luck with that.

  • myJetA1

    I tell ya I am so sick and tired of these kinds of videos. the big words
    the little hope pumped into it, the open ended endings.. man its just as
    jacked up as a politicians promise to never land. this world needs a
    revaluation. people just need to roll there sleeves up and get there hands
    dirty in order to clean up the filth.

  • Spiral Journey

    I agree with you. I also appreciate your factual approach to journalism. I
    have stopped following some people’s work because they are tabloidish and
    sensational. I feel our community needs real legitimacy, not showmanship
    (AJ has that on lock and it seriously discredits him). Look at James
    Corbett – sound research, well presented, never contested, always
    respected. As a matter of fact, he is how I found you last year! Thank you
    for what you do.

  • peaceful journey

    so which is it?
    Trump’s only alive because he’s “made”, or the election WILL be rigged?
    If you’re guaranteed the latter, you don’t need the former.
    And if you off Trump, you stand a much bigger risk of revolution…and they
    don’t want revolution, do they?

  • William Burke

    Same old song and dance: “Resistance is futile; get back to work! Your hope
    is as amusing to us as it is desperate to you. That is all.”

    FUCK YOU, you FedTroll asswipe. Your day is coming, as is your punishment.

  • Patrick Levell

    I think your analysis of the Wikileaks Emails is more subjective and
    speculative than objective. I have spent HOURS upon HOURS researching the
    Trump phenomenon, and I am 100% satisfied that he is the real deal. For the
    most part, he put his life of living the American dream on-hold to slay the
    Hildabeast. There is certainly very little for him to gain, personally, by
    running for POTUS.

    Anybody who is dissatisfied with the establishment should seriously
    consider what Trump has to offer, as well as who is enemies are in this

    If you’re a 14th Amendment citizen, voting for Trump is probably the last
    best chance to save America from being gobbled-up by the NWO and turned
    into a third-world dystopia.

  • robulusx2

    I really appreciate the video and the insight, I am voting for Trump and we
    shall see. He could still be assassinated either before or after the
    election. Remember Kennedy was in with the elites too and he tried to go
    rogue and we know what happened to him.

  • noxcod

    dude. here’s a little tidbit for ya. the “deep state” is not in control of
    who leads a country. God almighty is. I believe God has a plan to use trump
    in a meaningful way. you’re gonna eat your words Tom this video. you are
    foolish to think that you have some higher understanding of things and that
    this is all just a bunch of men jockeying for power. it’s actually a
    spiritual battle being fought and God almighty is in charge. so wake up
    Danny boy or you’ll miss the whole wonderful amazing miracle that is
    happening right upfront of your eye s

  • Richard sellers

    Video 3:33 long yeah right I think you’ve been bought so you can continue
    on ytube I’m gone and I’m sure you don’t care.

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