Dan Dicks Has Been Detained at Bilderberg 2018

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  • Emily Dykstra

    Dan’s tweet: I am safe and have been released. I confronted the prime minister of Serbia asking her about the rise of populism in Europe, stay tuned for the video. #Bilderberg #Bilderberg2018

  • tubenshaft


    Can we all be mature about the incoming memes and hash(ish)tags, yes? Thank you! =)

  • Sal Reed

    Shades of TOMMY ROBINSON folks!!
    WHY that Satanic-sub-human riff-raff bother is beyond me.
    WE know who the Whores n Pimps attending are. WE know the 2018 Agenda…just more of their self-important genocidal plotting to mass-murder those WITH souls by those WITHOUT, so, what’s the point in arresting Dan?
    ARE THEY THAT SCARED OF US THESE DAYS? THEY SHOULD BE! THE JOKERS HAVE NO CLOTHES……(& they are, lets face it, all so fkn UGLY we really don’t need to look at them again)

  • Bulrock

    Bilderberg is a disgusting and paranoid closed-council which is one of the prime sources of corruption all over NATO nations. IMO, it needs to be either opened to professional and objective scrutiny, or outright annihilated.

  • sunwarz

    See if you can get the word out on social media there in Italian language, you may get some back up, and spread the word there too! Good work sweety, your on it, he and his friends will appreciate it, will pray the detainment is just a harassment fear tactic, and he isn’t detained too long! Xoxoxo too all of you!

  • Daniel Richardson

    All that money power and influence in one place. Haven’t we been told all along the B G was no big deal. Just a couple of good old folks getting together for tea…¡
    The only God’s that exist are right there at the (B G) summit and command a whopping total of 8,000 total in number of people on the planet, maybe (shadow men) and the rest of the planet sits cowering’ and stands by lyke a bunch of wooly – eyed pea brains looking for more handouts from the “royals” while those marriages bilk the poor dog’s for free. Call it what you will, I call it “Exeptional American Ignorance” allowing Alice in Wonderland games to be played while “heart’s & lives” are being carved up right in front of the world… while we play ball. And to think it’s all topped off with one big atta-boy from DC to EU to Hong Kong to Beijing. Watching the World allow this alone tells me how sick mankind is. “But brother Dan, Jesus will make it all work out. Just hang in there”…
    If I do anymore “hang’n in there” I’ll be just as dead as the rest of those preachers. Glad I never sought that freak show lifestyle. They’re all in it together and the opposition, the denominational/church is in total agreement with what, a book and (the real “born again elect”) just run around and build 501c-3 mutual huts all over the planet and “elect” their damn god over me and get away with it.
    Shit, Dan here may be on the world hot seat for the same reasons I am. His career choice is obviously none the wiser and yet he’s not stopping so why should I.
    We need to get to the bottom of just who thinks [they] have a right to deceive and lie trying to convince the world freedom exists only in [their] f-ing reality because they were smarter generational thieves than our father’s.
    No matter how you slice it this shit show will soon meet a different “dance floor event”. And these, ha-hmm, “gentlemen”, will have front row “Zeats”! Right in front of the stage. Lol! Ha ha haaaa!!!!! “”You better get your best dance shoe’s Queeny. Your ride will be along shortly after they pick up your buddy in Rome. (The two of them will have the best zeats in the house). After the dance we have a new friend for you to play with. Her name is Alice. Want to play?¿¡””.
    Amazing how the mind can visualize justice.
    Hugs from the Big D! Later. Zeat beltz! = = = = = = = = = = = =D

  • Hope Poole

    I’m praying for you all may God might power cover you all doing this week and no evil will detain him again, it’s a blessing you all going to such great lengths to bring truth to the mass!! Grace and Peace with you all!!

  • hunkey monkey

    It seems western leaders are detaining, or locking up western independent journalism which is defiantly the end of free speach.

    Everyone must be political correct or we can be detained.

  • Patriots4Trump #MAGA

    No offense intended towards you. You would look much better without those boogers in your nose. Just thought you should know.

  • Barry Dutton Sells Homes

    Blogging and tweeting this out now // just saw the update. Will edit since I blogged first, read fully later lol.

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