The Government Is Terrified You’ll Find Out The Truth About Cannabis

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A first of its kind study shows undeniable evidence that cannabis can cure opioid addiction which has big pharma concerned that people may soon discover everything else cannabis can be used as a medicine for. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Chad Jackett of Liberty Farms about the ground breaking medicinal benefits that are discovered with cannabis everyday as well as the need for a grassroots approach to achieving the kind of legalization Canadians actually want to see.

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  • anthony lovell

    I was addicted to codeine and morphine for six years due to a spinal condition and nerve damage. I started growing my own cannabis and made my own tincture as i gave up smoking when my daughter was born. The cannabis helped me off the addiction within a couple of weeks. But i must say that over use has a damaging effect on motivation and can be quite negative to your life in its own right, so moderation should be followed.

  • eligant Rebl

    cannabis cures cancer
    you don’t need a government to tell you whether they think it’s legal or not.
    plant seeds.

  • Rebecca Killingsworth

    I agree from friends and family who used cannabis for all you’ve mentioned. But what about those like me who are allergic to THC?

  • luvmyctd

    Pot heads are the most delusional, selfish, pathetically apathetic, unpatriotic, soulless, cowardly cunts in Canada. THEY are responsible for Traitor Jihadi Justine being elected! These brain numbed idiots can’t even understand math .. it is THEY who WILL be paying the MASSIVE DEBT that trust fund baby is racking up. Turdeau is filling OUR Govt with Muslims everywhere and the pot heads just light up another joint and wave rainbow flags. Fucking disgusting.

  • Indigo Warrior

    Big pharma wants to be scared as it nearly destroyed my life with its man made drugs i ended up being diagnosed with fibromyalgia after cold turkeying from those mind altering drugs which cause more harm than good …cannabis as a rock solid place in society & should be the way forward in health care (personally believe it should have a thrown) which is more good than harm & when i quit the next big pharma drug lyrica i will use it again to aid me threw the mental and physical pain. Hope that makes sense as I am suffering with brain fog due to the fibromyalgia. The TPTB don’t want us being self sufficient.

  • Darren Woodward

    It should be legal everywhere and not under government control they are supposed to work for the people and put laws into place that the people want and we want weed to be legal are you listening government especially the British gov make it legal

  • dallimamma

    Thanks for your hard work, but, keeping the microphone so close that the pop on your enunciation is deafening makes it hard to appreciate your message.

  • laz iaconohoff

    Great work . May we no longer oppress ourselves by accepting the lies we were taught. The whole truth and nothing but the truth. And of course we need the intelligent moral man who can work with the materials at hand. And what is the other side of the coin to this? Forced vaccination.
    The way the truth and the life. Disolving illusions I say.

  • marilyn jack

    I stopped smoking ciggs , and I have always smoked pot , and it seems a great help but never will I smoke another ciggs again 3 1/2 years strong

  • Marc A Gagnon

    Give the guy a break some people are more articulate than others! Look at Justy always saying Aww bla bla bla Aww bla bla bla Aww and selling you out to the globalists! Don’t be surprised if cannabis is never legalized. Cancer is a natural way to control the population and the money they get from kemo and radiation.

  • D.j. Fatcell

    Somebody need to tell jeff sessions that he is full of shit and Donald trump too he hired that peace shit push crap down our throats

  • marilyn jack

    They r saying in a report that there is fennenal, not sure how it’s spelt, in the pot how the fuck can they start saying that now

  • Steve La Croix

    This is funny ! All the pill poppers I know smoke weed too . It sure doesn’t help them quit . It just pushes them further into their addiction . Way to go lefties , you guys and Justine are gonna make our country so great and strong . Now I am not anti-weed . I am 40 smoke it almost everyday and have never needed it to be legal to enjoy it . Another point without government involvement weed prices have always remained stable at 10 bucks a gram or less if you get quantity . You can say goodbye to that . Once government is involved the sky is the limit .

  • mrsinn

    Been smoking for 20 years, never being sick and very fit, never being unemployed and everyone around me wants to know my opinion!

  • Brandon Nagley

    Lol course it “cures* opiate addiction because it’s a drug and a “herb” itself it’s still a drug lol and of course person will just smoke instead of popping pills or shooting dope. Because their Still high as a kite,

  • Ron Abizness

    Marijuana is known as a gateway drug but the opposite is true also. It can pull you away from all the hard drugs and back to the place you knew before you tried drugs. Full sobriety because this plant is a powerful healing plant. However instead of smoking it, its more beneficial to consume it raw and uncured.

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