Trump ARMING Ukraine Against Russia?! – More Of The Same

Josh Sigurdson talks with John Doull about the recent announcement by General Jim Mattis and the Trump administration regarding the continued support of the Ukrainian military, mainly in Crimea as more weapons are sent to be used against Russia.
After attending a Ukrainian military parade, General Mattis met with Poroshenko and then took part in a press conference where he claimed the US has sent 175 million dollars worth of weapons and equipment to Ukraine to fight against Russian aggression in Crimea just in the last week, adding up to a total of $750 million in the past several years.
Mattis is considering sending more arms and one has to come to grips with the fact that this is an act of war against Russia.

Under the Obama administration, countless weapons were sent not just to the Ukrainian military but spread among “rebels” also known as literal nazis under the Svoboda Party.
While the left in the United States calls everyone they disagree with a nazi, these guys are actually nazis and the left is overwhelmingly in support of this aggression against their new enemy, Russia.
If you were Russia and you saw this, what would you do? What would Americans do if Russia armed Canada against the US? Think about it.

While the media claims Trump is Putin’s puppet, his administration (which the generals clearly control as the growth of the military industrial complex becomes greater) continues dangerous acts of aggression against Russia.

Just in January, John McCain and Lindsay Graham travelled to the Ukraine, met with the nazis and Poroshenko as well. They both publicly pledged that they will do anything they can including sending arms to help Ukraine in their fight. They said, “2017 will be the year of offense against Russia.”
Last December, Obama expelled 35 Russian diplomats from the US. Under Trump, countless new sanctions have been put on Russia, the most recent just a week ago. China has threatened the US for these sanctions and because of them, Russia has just expelled 755 US diplomats from Russia.
How could we so irresponsibly and willingly walk into this dragon’s den? This incredibly unstable environment? Our lives are at risk.

We will continue to cover this story as it no doubt unfolds.

Stay tuned for more from WAM!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Doull

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Joe Stevens

    7 Russian diplomats have been killed. How about next time songbird Johnny is out and about a bomb falls on him? That would also take out many CIA terrorist heads…

  • james williams

    The problem is that the assholes who are behind trying to start a global nuclear war are stupid enough to think THEY WILL SURVIVE IT.

  • Obelisk Extender

    What you cunts should be doing is calling out the obvious strong arm tactics used against Trump. I have no doubt in my mind him and his family are being threatened by the shills if he doesn’t play ball with their globalist horseshit.

    I’m sick of him being blamed like he was in it all along, when it’s CLEAR that this is not the case at all, if you look at his expressions when he’s talking about something he wants to do, vs something he DOESN’T want to do.

  • stew leo

    Is McCain a brain dead numb skull?
    Seems like they want to use the annihilation of Ukraine as pretext for WWIII.
    I will never happen. Ukraine will simply be annihilated along with their radical nazis.

  • Henry Bowman

    Thanks for covering this WAM.
    On one hand, “war is a racket”-Smedley Butler.
    On the other hand, it’s my understanding that the satan – worshipping jesuits who own and control the US and Russia have an axe to grind with both.
    Did Puppet Trump not attend a jesuit school, like so many puppets before him? Are his generals also puppets? No doubt, there is a lot going on behind the scenes.

  • Yanik Koval

    Man, you get it wrong. (Telling you as Ukrainian )

    Svoboda is actually Russian-financed party (there is evidence if you willing to research).
    And they lost last elections after peoples find out true nature of these people.

    Also weapons are going to the army, which has no political color. Why you are claiming it’s going to the political party??

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