Using The Wrong Gender Pronoun May Get You IMPRISONED In California!

Josh Sigurdson reports on a new bill proposed in California by San Francisco Senator Scott Wiener which would imprison and fine medical care workers who use the incorrect gender pronouns.

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Long-Term Care Facility Resident’s Bill of Rights (or SB-219) tells medical or long term care workers that if someone says they’re a different gender and they accidentally still call them the biological gender, the workers can be imprisoned for up to a year and fined $1000.

This is reminiscent of the Canadian Bill C-16 (which is about to become official law according to the Parliament) where you can be imprisoned for more than a year and fined for assuming someone’s gender. So if a biker with a big beard comes up to you and you say “Hello sir!” and he gets offended, you could be charged with a hate crime and sentenced to prison.

And freedom of speech falls with thunderous applause.

Feelings are not rights. Freedom is intrinsic within us. We’re born with it. They are not given to you by the state and the fact that so many feel like people should be imprisoned because they’re triggered shows where people’s priorities are.
These virtue signalling dopes who act as if they care so much are just modern day aristocrats who only care about themselves and their feelings. Interesting how reminiscent that is to the nazis who beat up and imprisoned anyone they disagreed with, if not worse.

These collective fools who travel in packs don’t actually care about anyone. If they did, they wouldn’t focus on feelings, they’d focus on the vast debt and poverty the populace is faced with today. Or the military industrial complex getting stronger by the day (which strangely the left used to care about, but I guess it was just trendy and fashionable).
These dependent trust fund college kids with daddy issues are just trying to impress their lame friends.

The elites benefit on this chaos. They grin ear to ear as they grow the control complex around us all because some fools are worried about feelings.

Jerry Brown in California and Justin Trudeau in Canada are chomping at the bit.

If we let this go any further we may as well bend over to Orwell’s eery prediction. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

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  • royce davis

    The Globalist movements to destroy national sovereignty are using Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto to its fullest. For example, the Marxist are told to “accuse others of the treason and hatred” which they, Communist Marxist, are practicing in order to confuse the ‘useful idiots’ of the working class in order to allow their practitioners of evil, who now control all court houses, to obliterate the founding documents and banner of a nation. It’s time to awaken out of the induced stupor of mind control that has consumed this nation since the end of WW2.

  • Making Dreams Come True

    So now freedom of speech is now curbed in Cali.? What happened to sticks and stones can break my bones.?

  • nalejbank

    It should be a ten year sentence. Nothing is radical enough to enforce “social justice”!
    All microinjustices must be prosecuted to bring in the New World Order.

  • peter stringer

    I disagree with prison sentences for this, but the move to greater voices for trans etc people is a good thing… trans people are some of the most vulnerable people in society.. and you saying they ‘created out of thin air’ just makes you look ignorant.

  • Dwight Strickler

    Oh god get me out of CA. I’m a libertarian-minded white mail living in the Bay area I have never felt so alone. Alone in a state of 40 million! Looney looney looney.

  • AU KekisTani

    It’s going to lead to people not conversing as much anymore, and long term centres avoiding to accept problematic prospects.

  • watcher on the wall

    FACT !!!! there are only two genders …science agrees, there are only two genders , male and female , all the others called by the american medical association, mental disorders , you were born one way and think your trapped in a body another way ? and it can change week to week ? its called gender distopia , its a medical condition , but these same people shame others into not being able to acknowledge these facts saying your racist , sexist, homophobic, etc etc. and now we have the pedophilia speaking up wanting the same recognition…. nice try … sorry about your luck

  • Return of the Gorgon

    One more reason why you should never ever associate with homosexuals or transgenders!!!! The best thing you can do to these people is to ignore them and cut them out of your lives entirely.

  • Jason Vosseler

    Oh my goodness. Sheez ay. What an amazing time to be living. Who knows what is around the next corner! Haha. Modern day living could be likened to some dodgy B grade, far fetched, dramatised, minority uprising, borderline SciFi flick that was made back in the day. No one, I mean no one, could have predicted this state of affairs even 20 years ago. Haha. This is a beast that is just evolving into something well, weird. I’m wondering at what point in the future man will wake up and say, ‘ahhhhhh, I think we made some terrible mistakes… aaahhhh, unsure if they can be fixed…. aaahhh, where to next?’. Man I wish I could be around to see where all this goes. Hahahaha. It is so hard to take life seriously so I guess I should thank these movements for that. Thanks for the free for all boys, I mean girls, I mean…. shite, I apologise, no offense. I’m confused. Please don’t attack me for my ignorance. It seems I need to be retrained and recalibrated to the knew progressive, higher being ways of life. Forgive me as I grew up in a schooling system that didn’t teach us, or acknowledge, these kinds of movements. They should have, considering making a mistake could cost you your livelihood, reputation, opportunity, and you could also end up in jail with a criminal record. Boy I hope the current schooling system is grooming our children appropriately. Smile and wave folks, just smile and wave.

    Disclaimer: The use of ‘Man’ or ‘Boy’ at the start of sentences is just a figure of speech and is a remnant of my youth, culture and way of life. It is artistic jargon used to illustrate a ‘tone’ or ‘attitude’. It is in no way included to be derogatory, defame, and/or discriminate against any group whatsoever.

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