The Jig Is Up! Clinton Campaign Exposed For Inciting Violence At Trump Rallies!

A powerful 16-minute documentary has confirmed, as the film makers put it, “a shady coordinated communications chain between the DNC, Clinton Campaign, Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC (Priorities) and other organizations,”. The report follows Democracy Partners, the people who flaunt election campaign laws, manufacture violence at Trump rallies, and facilitate the flow of money from Soros to Clinton without the mainstream media ever reporting on it.

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  • Seal-ed

    And the best part? Ain’t nobody gonna arrest anyone cause the FBI is on the
    take as well. America, you’re screwed blue and tattooed.

  • mander man

    how ohhh how will the msm show this to make it sound better? i bet they
    won’t show it, and once again we see hitlerys evil exposed again, i bet she
    wont be punished for it either

  • Dana Larsen

    It’s disappointing to see Press for Truth buying into the James O’Keefe
    videos. O’Keefe has been repeatedly discredited, and shown to edit his
    videos to change the meaning and content. O’Keefe’s hidden-camera videos
    are always heavily edited and altered to create a narrative , regardless of
    the truth.

  • Jerome Turner

    Lies and corruption do not concern the majority of Americans today. This is
    not news. Politics is a game of power and design. Those who have the
    gold,make the rules.

  • Beverly Hunziker

    Hillary Clinton, is an untrustworthy sleezy bitch! As for Trudeau, he will
    be unseated; all those whom slither in through a loophole wear out their
    welcome quickly!

  • Jan Andrew Donato

    No matter how many times your going to expose Clinton, it really doesnt
    change the fact that the FBI is colluding with her.

  • tinfoilhatter

    yes! we saw that too,sir! thank you!
    let’s hope we can make like,1000 people watch it,who refuse to hear
    anything/see anything!

  • bammbamm12

    I don’t know why these guys aren’t arrested on the spot. Look what happened
    to Trump’s campaign manager for brushing by some female reporter. These
    guys are orchestrating altercations that could result in injury or death?
    I’d give them 20 years.

  • Tarmack

    This floors me. Not only is this plain and simple inciting riots. I have
    watched so many videos of men women and even kids being acousted just for
    going peacfuly to trump rallys. I have seen videos of peaceful rally
    attendys being violently chased down and beaten. This needs to be
    prosecuted to the fullest. And this better be on every news station right
    up till the debate. Tell me trump does not respect women. Clinton has 0
    respect for any American including women that she feels is in her way.
    These are the actions of people that have no respect for American lives
    freedoms or anyone elses rights. And I think this is clear cut evidence
    that these people will win at any cost including paying people to make
    false acusations.

  • Brandon Carroll

    if only the American media word report on this…only Sean Hannity covered
    it tonight…sad.

    I hear O’Keefe will have a more damaging video out on tuesday…

  • Richard clarke

    I knew Trudeau was going to be PM before he was even the leader of the
    Liberals because of his Bilderberg appearance! My coworkers laughed at me!
    I reminded them days before the election of my prediction and they still
    laughed! They stopped after the election. Sheeple will be sheeple!

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