1-31-12 Stuart Wilde: Interdimensional Realities, Dark vs Light Forces – Darkness Radio

TOPICS: Inter-dimensional Realities, Mirror World Double, Double Self, Heaven Worlds, Perception, Humans Walking Into this Dimension, Evolution, Ghosts, Dematerlization, Aura, Etheric, Children and Visions, Wave of Depression in Spiritual People, Darkness Rising, Light Attacked, Ayahuasca, DMT, Negative Waves, Mayan Calender, Anti-Human, Dark Tsunami, Golden Light, Dark Forces, Work Upon Yourself, Be Brave, Love, 3 Graces

Video mirrored from: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlHJFRd2Is8

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  • N RA

    the secret to dimensional travel has to do with the multiverse being treated as anorganic entity. in order for us to be able to travel into and out of dimensions requires a few rules of nature not even thought of by humanity, but ill give you a hint….. artificially witnessed elements!!! if an organic witness can fool elements into existing in this reality, then we have cracked the secrets of creation in a real way!! this is not hocus pocus!! and yes, i have trademarked these practical theories and disguised them, but nevertheless, these theories can and will enable us to create extra dimensional elements that otherwise cannot exist in this reality!! dont forget there are more to the laws of nature and physics than just what we experience.. if you are curious to what is real and practical.. more information will be released in another year or two. this research must be released slowly and it will be disguised, i will not release the information in its raw form.. but once again, the information is real proven scientific fact, not make believe.. heres another hint…. john c will set you free 😉 keep your eyes and ears open folks!! ill be back!!!

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