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Since the start of the “Syrian civil war” in 2011 there has been much violence and loss of human life. The people of Syria have continued to demand freedom from their oppressive and corrupt government… and rightly so. These people deserve to be free from oppression and violence; they deserve the opportunity to grow and prosper as human beings and live in a loving community as we all do.

For over two years the people of Syria have been going through hell on earth in this war. Their human rights have been trampled upon and thousands have been kills. It was only after a chemical attack on these humans that our political leaders here in Canada and the US have decided to offer a solution to this tragic situation… the solution offered? War. Isn’t that ironic?

In this video I want to focus on the hypocrisy of a potential military intervention in Syria.

While doing research on this topic I came across a very informative video called “The Syrian War What You’re Not Being Told” from In this video the narrator outlines a numbers of truths the mainstream media and our political representatives are deliberately ignoring in order to sell the idea of a military intervention in Syria.

It seems to me that most of the evidence points to the Syrian rebels of being the perpetrators of the chemical attacks. The Syrian rebels that the US government and others have been arming and funding I may add. But let’s play devil’s advocate for a second and let’s just say the chemical attacks were done by the Syrian government… would this mean a military intervention is the right action to take?

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  • Genesis Gabriel

    Israel with the help of the tall whites are the ones who did the chemical attacks and also in case you didn’t know they nuked Syria as well about 4-5 weeks ago now.

  • Hend AL-Bizri

    u probably have to take into consideration that to think that syrian rebels used chemical weapons to kill their own children would be so silly and out of sense i get your point this world we are living in is insane and most of us syrians didn’t want this intervention we thought that why they are intervening know we have been facing hell for about three years now and about 100000 and more innocent women children men have been killed not by chemicals by all kinds of weapons you can imagine

  • Hend AL-Bizri

    why now in our opinion the main reason is to get these chemicals away from the “wrong hands” if they really care about us and about our lives then they would have intervened long time ago actually they dont give a shit about us or about our children and thank god they didnt intervene

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