Exposing the Bilderberg Group & the New World Order!

The Bilderberg Group is just one of the many political organizations that operate in secret – out of view from the public. They have historic ties to the Nazi Party and have an international membership.
According to an “In-depth Report” on the Bilderberg Group found on the CBC news webside, their goal is “to provide a forum where influential people could meet and talk about ways that help promote understanding on both sides of the Atlantic – and prevent future wars.”

They go on to state in this article that, “The idea was to create an informal network of influential people who could consult each other privately and confidentially. They could focus on what their countries had in common and bounce ideas off each other that could make life better for everyone.”

INDEPTH: THE BILDERBERG GROUP – http://www.cbc.ca/news/background/bilderberg-group/

Is this the New World Order?

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  • Justin198803

    i pray jesus to help expose these evil criminals to justice i feel evil around me i’m a christian i believe in god we have to wake up more people to expose these bilderberg group and bohemian grove to justice times running out for judgement day

  • briah yah

    that triangle have nothing to do with them the Illuminati , they use it ,learn the real meaning of it , before you judge & speak  Timothy Benjamin Jesse Bos

  • Zeztox I C

    listen, they create terrorist gruops so they can go in and “fix it” and reinstate a new goverment there wich they have controll over… once they have dealt with all the countrys they will achive the new world order. (and some other thing. if they had the technolegy to live forever, do you think they would have published it in the news? or maby they already found it a loong time agoe. and they poisen our air our  food our water, just to shorten our life so that the public remain “stupid”. they are more inteligent then you would think. if there was a drug to make ppl smarter, then the bankers would have boght the research and prevented it from ever reaching the public. and only the elite would have it. food for thought.)

  • Beau Nunes

    I do not dispute the existence of secretive groups such as the Bilderburg group, the Trilateral Commision, the Council on Foriegn Relations, the Carlyle Group, and other “Round Table” groups, icluding the so-called “Illuminati”. What I disagree with is the general theme held by most common people that because these groups operate in secret and steer the policies of nations, they must somehow be Evil and have agendas that work against the majority of the population.
        The common people of this world find great comfort in the illusion that they alone have the ability to control their own destinies and naturally feel threatened by a very small elite that hold that power over them. However, it should be considered that most common folks have almost no knowledge regarding the intricacies of high level global affairs. These “Elites” possess knowledge that we do not and are in a much better position to make decisions regarding these affairs. The reason for the secrecy is simple; people always fear what they do not understand. The elites would never be able to accomplish their plans in a peacefull manner if the public were to constantly scrutinize their methods and motives and many of their well intentioned efforts that have helped lead us to the current economic prosperity we enjoy might have never come to fruition. Would it be better if we reverted to the old ways of the Despots in which one man ruled supreme? Or how about the Monarchs whos ideas placed their Families in complete control of a nations wealth while all others suffered in poverty? What about the imperialist who gave no second thought to sending millions of subjects to their deaths in the name of world domination? These systems gave way to undeniable atrocities that the current system tries so adamenty to aviod. Can you really argue that things have gotton worse for the majority of people since the world wars?
        Of course there are some amongst you who would argue that the more modern “elitist” methods are anti-democratic or even illegal (i.e. the Logan Act). To you I would ask this; What better method would you propose in order to peacefully and effectively coordinate the efforts of Nations with differing laws and policies on issues such as Economic cooperation, Fiscal and monetary policy, international trade, foriegn diplomatic policy, spiritual and social philosophy, resorce aquisition, labor laws and industrial growth, scientific research coordination and military mobilization? Global cooperation creates opportunity of success for many more people than the previous methods  and avoids the types of bloody wars we have seen in past 2000 years. But if you have a better idea I would be happy to review your suggestions.

  • Candis Gambino

    Is the illuminati a religion separate from the group that rules all? I have a point to my question lol

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