Fluoride: The Poison in Our Tap Water – Dr. Paul Connett – Toronto, On, Canada – 04/22/2013

Fluoride: The Poison in our Tap Water – Dr. Paul Connett – Toronto, On, Canada – 22/04/2013

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On Monday April 22nd, 2013, anti-fluoride activists assembled in Committee Room 3 of the North York Civic Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The group discussed the unethical policy of adding fluoride to the municipal water supply and the steps the pubic must take to end this policy in Toronto and other cities across Canada.

Internationally renowned Dr. Paul Connett was in attendance and delivered a powerful presentation to the attendees. He spoke on a number of key topics including: Why water fluoridation should never have started, seven events from 1990 to 2012 which should have forced an end to fluoridation, what’s happening in the rest of the world in regards to fluoridation and what should we be doing to fight tooth decay.

Dr. Paul Connett has spent 17 years researching the fluoridation issue, first as a professor of chemistry specializing in environmental chemistry and toxicology, and now as the director of the Fluoride Action Network. His 14 years of research culminated in October 2010 with the publication of the book The Case Against Fluoride.

The presentation concluded with a question and answer period where attendees were able to ask the doctor their own questions on the topic. Some of the questions that were asked included: Why is fluoridation being pushed by so many authority figures, what are the best ways to avoid fluoride, does fluoride effect crops and planet life, does fluoride effect human behavior and emotional intelligence, and does fluoride accumulate in the human body.

One of the organizers of the event, Daniel Litterst, urged the attendees to take action, “The city of Toronto is taking millions of our dollars and dumping down the drain… Contact your councillor and say, ‘I just want to know what your thoughts are today, do you feel that fluoridation is right and if so, why?'”

Speaking on the importance of an informed and active public Dr. Paul Connett stated, “Effecting change is like driving a nail through a piece of wood. The expert can sharpen the nail but the expert can’t push the nail though the piece of wood… You need the hammer of public opinion to drive that nail hard… We need the organizers – these are the real heroes.”

BrainFeed would like to thank Dr. Paul Connett and all the organizers who were involved in making this event happen. We fully support this cause and will continue to do so in the future.

BrainFeed also calls for all Canadians to take a stand against water fluoridation. The time is now to become informed about the dangers of this unethical and unscientific policy and to spread awareness to all those without understanding.

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  • Adrian Bernal

    AVAST warned me that the site promoted at the start of this video on “Flouride alert” dot org contains MALware.

  • annihilationHaven

    I think the biggest danger in all of this is to end fluoridation and start adding something even worse to the water or the air or in food.  Someone in the audience pointed out that fluoridation was based on a political motive, which Connett probably does not care too much about, because it isn’t remotely in his “domain of expertise”, but I fully agree with Dr. Rebecca Carley – we’re all just dead bags of blood in the eyes of our overlords to be abused as much as possible, so one has to conclude that if the system wants to end fluoridation, it is because their other means of slow killing the masses are even more successful.  It’s all about the structure of the society, and unfortunately if you have criminals at the top who want to hide behind philanthropic organizations – they will continue to kill us all.  If it doesn’t make you vomit to hear testimony such as Toos Nijenhuis’ interview with Kevin Annett, then you must already be dead, because you aren’t a human being any more.

  • Erin Janus

    Great audio, great info. If you got better lighting (a good system is usually under $200) and made better eye contact, perhaps read your lines– then looked at the camera, and cut out the parts where are reading the lines.. you could go very far with your channel.

  • Jay Cruise

    Don’t drink it or use it in your toothpaste either. Fluoride destroys your pineal gland, causes dental fluorosis, lowers your IQ and causes Alzheimers. There are ways to make sure we have clean drinking water wherever we are. Proper filtration can get out even the most harmful toxins like radiation, fluoride and viral and bacterial pathogen. I have a portable filter when I’m out hiking and a home one and I make sure not to drink tap water except in dire emergencies! Read this article for some the best ideas in always having safe drinking water. http://www.thehealingfrequency.com/nuclear-radiation-and-water-purification-tablet-adya-clarity-minerals/

  • KC

    Wow, you tinfoil hatters are OFF THE CHARTS ignorant of FACTS and REALITY……

    Enjoy your little “conspiracy” being CRUSHED BY FACTS……


    You might want to look up FACTS before a tinfoil hatter gives you the “truth”.

    “At physiological pHs, hydrogen fluoride is usually fully ionised to fluoride. In biochemistry, fluoride and hydrogen fluoride are equivalent. Fluorine, in the form of fluoride, is considered to be a micronutrient for human health, necessary to prevent dental cavities, and to promote healthy bone growth.”
    World Health Organization

    “however fluoride is also naturally present in huge range of foods, in a wide range of concentrations.”
    “Black Tea (brewed) 0.373 1 cup, 240g (8 fl oz) 0.884
    Raisins, seedless 0.234 small box, 43g (1.5 oz) 0.033
    Table wine 0.153 Bottle, 750ml (26.4 fl oz) 1.150
    Municipal tap-water,
    (Fluoridated) 0.081 Recommended daily intake,
    3 litres (0.79 US gal) 2.433
    Baked potatoes, Russet 0.045 Medium potato, 140g (0.3 lb) 0.078
    Lamb 0.032 Chop, 170g (6 oz) 0.054
    Carrots 0.003 1 large carrot, 72g (2.5 oz) 0.002

    National Nutrient Database

    TABLE WINE AND TEA HAVE 440%plus higher concentrations of fluoride, why do you not include them in your “conspiracy” that has NOT ONE PEER-REVIEWED paper to support it.

    When you listen to the tinfoil hatter club, ask them to tell you why Raisins, Lamb, and Carrots have been part of the “conspiracy” since BEFORE THERE WERE HUMANS.

    The only harm is overdose, JUST LIKE TOO MUCH WATER CAN KILL YOU TOO.

    “Per a 2013 study, it was found that consumption of one litre of tea a day, can potentially supply the daily recommended intake of 4 mg per day. Some lower quality brands can supply up to a 120 percent of this amount. Fasting can increase this to 150 percent. The study indicates that tea drinking communities are at an increased risk of fluorosis, in the case where water fluoridation is in effect.”
    Food Research International

    There it is, you have to drink too much tea and water together to have a RISK, just like eating too much iron causes diabetes, heart attack and cancer. It’s called BEING RESPONSIBLE, for ALL scientific papers show the benefits of the ESSENTIAL NUTRIENT FLUORIDE far outweigh the tiny risk to uneducated people.

    You are parroting a tinfoil hatter for profit, who DENIES the science he uses, everyday. Don’t fall for the conspiracy BS, this tinfoil hatter is a “chemtrail” believer, the DUMBEST of the DUMB.

    You backwards, yokel morons…..

  • Ken Smith

    just speak and from your stupidity i can tell how much fluoride you drank in your life by how stupid you speak , most canadians and USAians are easy to spot , sometimes they speak out loud , conspiracy is lies to cover the truth to not hurt feelings for the fluoride drones, if a silent war is silent behind a conspiracy i will be most effective to the fluoride drones, it sure is funny how many retards in satans canada , hope i didn’t hurt your retard feelings canada, here drink this cool aid stupid , here have some more drones retard land, ha ha ha ha ha ha so stupid ha ha ha ha canada ha ha ha ha duuuu

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