This is a satirical video. The statements in this video are based on opinion and may or may not be true.

I’m Stephen Harper and I love these cats but I love you and your family more.
I put fluoride in your water to calcify your brain and give you bone cancer.
I put unlabelled genetically modified food in your grocery stores and kitchens to sterilize you.
I keep Canadian children hungry, the homeless on the streets, and I oppress the First Nation population.
I support the unjust drug laws and the privatization of prisons.
I support austerity measures and make cuts to vital social services.
I support war and allow your sons and daughters to die on the battle field in our war on terrorism.
I support torture, false flag attacks and the lie we call the “official story of 9/11.”
I am the UN and Agenda 21. You don’t even understand the consequences of our actions. You don’t get it! Stupid brain dead sheep! You will never see the light!
Cause I will never tell you the truth.
And my mainstream media will never tell you the truth.
The truth that I take orders from a dark order, a shadow government, a cabal of elites who have engineered this society for centuries.
The truth is that the entire global system is designed to oppress, to foster fear and hate, to control your thoughts and fate.
The truth is that your ignorance is our strength.
The truth is that if you took action against our tyrannical system you would bring about a more just and peaceful world. But you won’t because your too aphetic to try and change this.
And I can tell you this without consequence because I know you will be too fearful to do anything about it.
What can you do? You can’t stop this, you’re just a slave!
We have trained you to be professional consumers, drones, who will always bow to authority.
You will never wake from you sleep!
Now go about you busy day and enjoy while I enjoy these cats.