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Stuart Wilde is considered by many the greatest living metaphysical writers in the world today. In the last twelve years he has had over 100,000 visions, which have taught him a vast body of information not available elsewhere. Many of the most famous New Age, New Thought writers and teachers have privately studied with him, or they have been greatly influenced by his work. Nowadays, there is a body of journalists that follow his work and restate it in articles in their own words.

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  • MrFourkinghell

    very insightful- this is a fascist world and is getting worse..The rise of feminism.
    Voting for the EU makes you drift into the conformity of the NWO. Brexit.

    Very impressive.

  • The MVP

    Stuart lost it in his late years. Smoking, drinking, all kind of drugs, drinking colas and eating shit. He looked very old in his late years even if he was not old. His speech started making no sense without anybody stated here that he got enlighteed or some shit. With all that I want to remember that young Stuart, full with wisdom and kindness from whom I learned a lot.

  • Justin Engelbart

    coulda done without that shitty little beat in the background, but it’s still great that someone uploaded this

  • necessitousfox

    this is ridiculous… if you really are free you don’t need to tell people to fuck off, you simply just ignore them, since they have no real authority over you anyhow – by being aggressive your still playing their little games. Another thing is the chicken outfits, why would you need all that attention? He really didn’t learn much from that japanese garden guy now did he?

  • supreme1

    In fact. Wow. It took me 34 fucking years to stop thinking we all can be ‘kumbaia’ together. Being blind for so long i repressed the fact that my mom was a bitch and my dad was a complete asshole lol. Then, when i got out of highschool i was ‘free”. Then some random asshole got pregnant. Fuck. Another loop. Beforw that , i stayed to myself. Never fucked with anyone at all. For 14 years man. Damn. All types of shit happened to me like because i stay to myself and wont conform i got backlash. Very weird. Friends family , it seems are fucking assholes. Like wtf. Its time to be free. Tired of assholes. People are fucking complete assholes. Id say that they are just stuck in the matrix. And i always had something enlightening to say i guess they thought i was trying to be bigger then everyone cuz i wasnt like them. But sad they cant see i was just trying to grow. Odd it seems like most people i have met never think to grow as a person. Ive literally only met 5 people out of thousands who were like me. Everyone else like stuart puts it are assholes……..

  • Tassie Thomas

    Man, the haters are just close minded and stu spoke of them too, his philosophy is the best I’ve heard and people label him as a drunk and this and that in order to push their own agenda. one guy who claimed to be a psychic even talked about stu taking stones one place and carrying them back and forth, my god, that was an example of an exercise to prove to yourself that your word means something, it’s law. I love him, I love his work.

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