Confronting Bilderberg Members At The Airport – Shine Light On The Darkness And Watch Them Scatter!

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The annual Bilderberg conference has come to a close but not before Press For Truth along with We Are Change and some of their independent journalist friends met up at the airport to send off the members of the bilderberg group in style with some good old fashioned confrontations. Watch as they scatter light cockroaches when they shine a light on the deeds that are done in the dark! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth gives a preview of some of the conversations he had with members of the Bilderberg group as the departed Turin Italy. The full video of the confrontations and discussions are now available for PFT Patron members at

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  • Shh Winner

    Instead of confronting bilderberg members perhaps change tactics and buy advertising in newspapers that are given away on planes or bill boards at the airports and bill boards which they will see on the way to the hotel with bilderberg members faces roles names and agenda’s. If they see that everyone knows about them they may change the agenda.


    theyre fucking terrified of us finding out the truth about what they’ve been doing to us! Pure unspeakable EVIL slow genocide, poisoning everything we consume.

  • wwwonderful

    The Bilderberg bunch just swat us off as if we were flies. These trips are just to make cash for PressForTruth. Always the same questions, always the same “No comment” response. Waste of time. If “they” are so powerful and ill-intentioned, nothing can stop them, so just live your little lives and don’t obsess with PressForTruth, David Icke, Alex Jones, Tom and Jerry …

  • QuakingUp

    They all seemed happy or were almost hiding excitement….. that’s worrying me right there. Sinister grins and no comments. We need to be ready for anything this year. Thanks for your hard work sir!

  • Cheri Lawrence

    What to do in a post truth world says it all, centuries of lies and they finally lost control of the narrative. People are awake we are sheep no more!! Supreme justice would be if God granted you elites with a conscious once again, full empathy and compassion for a time just to feel the horrors of what you have wrought upon all creation!!

  • Kataleen Sophia

    Get over yourself “pressfortruth”! The truth is you’re arrogance knows mo bounds! Some things are top secret for the protection of masses! Ask Our President….. he’s divulging truth for us daily and the Lord Y’Shua. You weren’t invited to this meeting so I’m just saying, humble yourself and know your place….. Choices & Consequences.

  • Jimmy Byars

    Great JOB!! Bye-Bye Bilderberg.. BYE BYE Elite SECRECY!! Hello righteous Transparency!! If you want to be considered a leader, you will be held to scrutiny. We don’t advocate a surveillanced state, but we also will never be fooled by secret societies ever again. REMEMBER, BIG SHOTS… Rockefeller is DEAD. Don’t be next.

  • Xeno Phon

    Never before in history have words changed social oppression. They may become a catalyst, but it is ALWAYS the violence that comes afterwords that changes the nation.

    Actions speak louder than words, stop wasting your time.

  • mr. moore

    Luke Chapter 8 Verse 17
    For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come aboard.

  • PowPowRelay

    Thanks. I hope those many “no-comments” and general shiftiness bite that colorado governor in the ass in future elections. Pot is legal there. His usefulness is over.

  • phatbastard100

    Do the patreon members only get to see 20 more people say “no comments” or do you actually get to talk to someone?

  • Serena d'agostino

    GOOD JOB SO FAR. Although little is known,, just the agenda and that post-truth information is unacceptable. Keep posting!

  • tice170

    Can someone here tell me if Trump is part of the NWO agenda. If so provide links. I am trying to find out but cannot find anything thay links him The closest I have gotten was Mercer and aipac or sheldon adelson or steve wynn. But as far as I know these billionaires are nothing compared to the rockafellers or Rothschilds. From what I understand he is really pissing off the elitists with everthing he has accomplished. Unless it is all for show. Thanks for any info.

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