David Icke And The Frequency Of Consciousness

In this video, we give you another piece of our in-depth interview with David Icke about a host of issues including consciousness.

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About The Author


  • keith brinson

    … Tim Leary and McKenna were way more encouraging. David icke doesn’t rationalize and empathize with those who are vibrating at the fear frequency… the opposite of a shaman!!!

  • soat7ch

    What if DMT doesn’t open up anything and just damages your brain irreperably?
    The new levels of reality you experience might just be hallucinations.

  • Jon Watts

    So how do I raise my frequency level? I’m starting to think I am and have been for many years stuck in a very low frequency state. From about 2008 – 2013 my entire life spiralled downward in a colossal sex, drug, and misery fueled shit show. I was a UPS man hard on the highway to hell. I’m off the drugs now but I think I’m still deep in this low frequency state and it’s slowly killing me inside.

  • Jim Griffiths

    Is nobody going to question the use of the terms “frequency” and “wavelength” with respect to the human mind? What frequencies/wavelengths are they? What fields to they oscillate in? The elctromagnetic field? Gravity field? Gluon field, perhaps? It really grinds my gears when people use scientific terminology when the ideas have no basis in science, and no attempt has been made to measure these said “frequencies” or “wavelengths”. If the human brain can perceive them, and it’s based in the physical world, then surely scientific instrumentation should be able to capture the signals.


    Lsd and other drugs like DMT, open the third eye like a portal for the consciousness to the other spiritual dimensions! Now, there is inter-dimensional entities that can contact you in that state of awareness! And these are demons! Even though their beautiful and might feel omnipresent, this is a trick! Satan was the most beautiful angel that God created and the king of lies and deception!!! Our brains naturally produce DMT when we dream and also when we die, so our soul can travel to whatever realm heaven/hell we deserve!!! It’s a fact that the elite have been in contact with these entities for a while now,especially since ww2 and instead of rituals,they have technology where they communicate with these beings!!! That’s where most technology has come from and the elite are taking orders from them on exactly how to enslave mankind and to build these technologies and set up a world wide control grid!!! Which when completed,will be run by Satan himself!!! That’s why these entities told them to build CERN and D wave computers and 5G!!! They’ll say it’s AI and it’s here to save the world but it will be the beast to enslave the world!!! This has all been foretold and prophesied for thousands of years and it’s amazing!!! God gave us the blueprint,the bible and not “religion” but CHRIST is the answer!!! He’s the way,the TRUTH,and the LIFE!!! No one gets to the father God unless through him!!!

  • Sanincha

    There’s a lot more to life and the universe to come and understand if people can just have the open mind to see it and open hearts to feel it.

  • omnicopy Notfooled

    If I truly loved others—how would I treat them. Talk about them behind their backs? No I would just pray for them I I truly cared.

  • Thomas Coxe

    Good job Luke. David is grandfather of Truth movements. His 20 years old redpills are still to extreme for world today. But he is usualy right. I don’t know if this world is simulation or not. But i can’t hate David just because i don’t agree about same small details. First time i seen David i was thinking he is insane scam artist. Now i think our society is insane scam.

  • Marketing You

    Great interview…I seen the interview joe rogan did with alex jones…Alex jones was saying using halucinogens is satanic. He couldnt be farther from the truth but what can you expect from alex jones really. All I can say is get your mind right first.

  • Fox Mulder

    so… reptilian shapeshifters aren’t weird, even though there’s no concrete proof, but the same DARPA/CIA/MKULTRA/SRI/Remote Viewing program using psychedelics to further induce ‘interdimesional contact’ which in fact is PROVEN to be FACTUALLY true according to the original founders of the US Govt Terrorists’ Remote Viewing program Ingo Swann, Russell Targ, and Hal Puthoff, is ‘weird’ and unproven, simply because you two (Luke & Jason) lazy, idiot clueless monkeys who have never actually done ACTUAL reading, or research on the matter, a priori presume to be so.

    yieah. okay.

    you two bozo losers: Luke Rudkowski & Jason Bermas who literally had practically ZERO fanbase, prior to him giving you two losers platform to more broadly share your ideas. and now all you do is shit on Alex Jones.

    fucking ingrates.

  • SkyFarm Collective

    You guys rail Alex Jones! But then you have David Icke on your show! I don’t disagree at all it’s just I have a hard time with taking you guys seriously when you take the piss out of everyone. Be careful who you smear okay! How about be mature and not smear anyone. Then I think people will take you in a more serious manner.

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