David Whitehead – Truth Warrior – 7 virtues of Bushido & 7 Sacred Teachings – Ft. Mark Passio

In this video David Whitehead speaks about the 7 virtues of Bushido, the 7 Sacred Teachings and natural law.

Audio retrieved from:http://www.spreaker.com/user/truthwarrior/patrick-whyte-conspiracy-culture

David Whitehead is a full time Martial Arts Instructor and business owner, as well as an independent truth-seeker, researcher and radio show host.


Many of the slides found in this video were retrieved from Mark Passio’s website: http://whatonearthishappening.com/

Thank you David Whitehead and Mark Passio for your work and dedication to the truth.

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“Break free from the slavery”

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  • Mark Allebon

    Well I am feeling more confused than ever now. Martial Arts, particularly TMA are supposed to make for better people. The virtues of Bushido arent bad virtues except the last one could certainly lead to the creation of a blind order follower. Which is always wrong according to natural law, and as long as you arent doing harm than natural law says that you are under no obligations to do anything. We can admire the Samurai for their devotion to rectitude, but what they consider right was sadly whatever the daimyo or shogun said without question. If their lord said kill that baby who has a more legitimate claim to rule than me, then they would. The two things would seem to be at odds.

    I used to do aikido I was too busy thinking about martial applications at the time to give enough thought about this stuff. Which in many ways is probably more important. Although natural law does say that I am entitled to self defence, American natural law enthusiasts are all for buying guns and shooting any would be attackers if necessary.  So thinking critically about whether your art would be effective should hardly be considered a sin. If someone tried to stab you and you trapped him in an armlock if you had any sense you would break the arm if you knew how.  I know Mark Passio would agree.

    That said if I thought Bushido and the general philoshy of TMA matched up with natural law I would probably go back, but if they do I am struggling to see it. Oriental culture always seems to be talking about self sacrifice, were as natural law would seem to be talking about rational self interest, and Zen or Tao just seems like a minefield of moral relativity, were as natural law is adiment that there really is right and wrong, good and evil,

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