Is The Great RECESSION Returning? – How To Protect Your Wealth with Lior Gantz

Josh Sigurdson talks once again with Lior Gantz of Wealth Research Group to talk about several of the top market and monetary stories of the day!
First, we dig into the recent red share prices of banks across the board. Following JP Morgan going in the red year to date, every major bank is seeing the same. Deutsche Bank is laying off 10,000 employees which is about 1 in 10 of their total workforce. Lior talks about how we’re seeing the symptoms of the fractional reserve banking system and what he believes it’ll result in ove rthe coming years.
As for risks, Lior says the biggest risk we see today is the fact that if the Federal Reserve raises rates 4 or 5 more times, it will result in a recession as it always has historically.
When the Federal Reserve tightens financial policy, raises rates, at some point, the Fed fund rate catches up to the ten year treasury. Every time this happens, the economy dramatically slows down, lay offs happen, the stock market goes down significantly and we are then left with a massive recession.
Lior goes into the demographic cliff as the concerns rise regarding baby boomers taking their money out of the stock market while millennial have far less money and simply can’t mimic the power of baby boomers.
Lior’s views however going over the next 12 years is a little bit different from most of ours. He believes the decade of 2020 to 2030 will be the best decade for the stock market, mainly pointing out that there are more job openings than unemployed, though we cannot go without taking the labor force participation rate into consideration as many unemployed are hidden in the LFP.
Lior also goes into Wealth Research Group’s success predicting the bull run of Ethereum and Dash. He goes into his thoughts on the most undervalued asset class and how incredibly transformative the decentralized blockchain space is for the markets.

All this and more! Stay tuned for more from WAM!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Lior Gantz
Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Edward Fietz

    Hey, the Globalive stock is up 40% today, day 1 of trading. Lior you really nailed this one, Im reading the report now!

  • Mallus Darkblade

    There are 210 million eligible workers aged 15-64 and there are 95 million+ aged 15-64 not in the workforce (based on labor participation rates). That would put real unemployment at around 45%. Before Trump was elected he said that unemployment could be as high as 43%, he wasn’t wrong…

  • Smufter16

    It is up to boomers to help train the Millennials. Not doing so hurts us both.
    Millennials will be fixing our cars, airplanes, growing our food, being teachers/nurses/police/fire, and maintaining our infrastructure (electrical, water, roads, IT, etc.).
    If you are a manager of retiring boomers and it makes sense to do so, pair each boomer with a Millennial “trainee”.
    Of course this does not apply to all work situations. For example, the young SW engineer has just received the latest software training in college and would not learn much from a boomer regarding “coding” in the language du jour. But that same green SW engineer could learn a LOT about the actual on-the-job aspects of design, test, the 10,000 foot view of the organization, and running a tight and effective SW organization. It is this aspect of the job (management, lessons learned, the big picture, coordination, etc.) where the boomer can add value.

  • Duncan Rollandt

    Josh this interview couldn’t have been more timely, globalive stock went public today. Btw just read the WRG/Live report and believe this will be the next google.

  • Yak Menicou

    Shame Lior doesnt mention the dogs he recommended such as Kenadyr mining down 85% and Fincanna down 55% since his rec’s!!!

  • The Compassionate World

    That is not what is happening at all per a Ball State study. Automation is becoming king and will devastate middle-class wealth and eventually make capitalism dysfunctional. 2/3rds of the economy is consumerism, and few will have money to spend back into the system.

    Every politician is either consciously lying about job loss or they are unware of the truth. Regardless, they all support the false narrative that most of America’s job loss was a transfer of labor to Mexico and China.

    The truth per a Ball State University study in 2015: 88% of recent job loss was due to efficiency factors like automation and computer programs which increased productivity without hiring additional employees. The corporate use of technology is reducing human labor seven times faster than jobs shipped to foreign markets.

    Quicker than we think, automation will displace more retail clerks, store managers, and food servers. Autonomous buses, cars and trucks will devastate the transportation industry along with their insurance agents. Even CEOs and middle managers carry the possibility of unemployment due to an algorithm that produces faster and better decisions. Amazon has already replaced many of their white-collar buyers with such a program. The essential point: when one corporation automates a system, it forces an entire industry to compete with automation, thus eliminating human labor.

    Pew Research and other studies predict that close to half our jobs are endanger of automation within 20 years, which will lead to a 50% unemployment rate for the future. Who will be the first politician to face this reality? Who will be the first politician to offer a Universal Basic Income to avoid massive homelessness?

    May we find adults in government to oppose the childlike view of ignoring reality. Automation is rather obvious even without the study. Progressives: tell Americans the truth and it will gather support for a UBI.


  • Sonix711

    holly crap – now I get it – thats why BitMain are going into AI – its all about Big Data – Whoever controls the information or access to the information…or creation of information…
    Banks offer the best rates by outsourcing the processing of data to BitMain AI Miners – for the whole world ??? NWO Illuminati gets an upgrade !!! 🙂

  • Todor Slavchev

    How much block one paying you for shilling EOS? Really like the chanel but this drama with EOS is too much.

  • Bumble Bee

    It has nothing to do with millineals not being skilled enough…companies are downsizing thru attrition…the jobs boomers are leaving are being discontinued or filled by gen x…which are next in line and the only ones with the experience to fill those upper level positions…but most of those jobs are being downsized…saying we don’t have skilled people for those positions is code word for h1b visa’s…which is another game…post job requirements that no one can fill… after 6 months have your attorneys take it to the government and show the mismatched resumes and bang! You get your h1b visas…total scam and treasonous.

  • Sonix711

    From everything I have seen so far, it seems like its all about the genesis block, and EOS seems to be treating ETH as it bitch… !!! FAF !!! 🙂

  • gary burns

    Rich gets richer , poorer get poorer, That the way it has always been. The difference was Middle of the road had a chance to get rich, now it is a lot harder to move up.

  • gary burns

    If Bit coin assets are unknown, how could a computer figure out how much someone has to give them a loan.?

  • gary burns

    It is the opposite to what I see. I have had family members with training and experience get laid off for younger college grads because the company can get a “newer” educated employee at a lower cost.

  • gary burns

    I don’t want AI to tell me anything.  I sure don’t plan to talk to a computer that can give me advice.  Now if a computer can get me a babe that will worship me, ok, that is fine.

  • Jim Mathers

    Hope is delayed disappointment. To be leveraged up at this point in America is a recipe for disaster as IL, NJ, Detroit, Chicago are all bankrupt right now. Without kidding ourselves, CA is also broke. Everything is debt and the U.S. is crushed in it. Our GDP is stagnant and pensions are half underfunded. Americans cannot even fathom the hard times that are on the horizon.

  • Jim Mathers

    Wall Street controls trillions in financial products. Cryptos are merely an asset trade. Almost nothing in the scheme of things. All this HOPE about the blockchain is mostly delayed disappointment. The only thing we are going to utilize financially is what is dictated to us by Wall Street. And if they cannot manipulate the blockchain, it will be outlawed or changed by law and rule changes which can occur overnight. I am old enough to have seen all of this hype before and all the disappointment and losses later. I am amazed at how those in power continue to bring in new suckers every so often with a whole new degree of super promotions and hype.

  • zpetar

    Why everybody keeps talking how to protect wealth? For vast majority of people it will question how to survive. How to feed their families, kids. How to survive.

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