Mark Passio talks about his encounter with Satanist — WOEIH Show #154

What on earth is happening Show #154 — 05/03/2014
Topics: Polarizing Dialectics Regarding Creation and Human Origins, Darwinian “Evolution” Theory, Creationism, Scientism, Religion, Brain Imbalance, Poisonous World-Views, Psychopathy, Pacifism, Mind Control, Consciousness, Epigenetics, Free Will, Power To Create Change, Satanic Mockery of Police and “The Dead”


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  • anis9876

    That laughter reminded me of the first Home Alone movie where Macaulay Culkin puts on the old gangster movie where the lead gangster first shoots someone and then laughs like a hyena! They really do that. When they say “keep the change” it really means keeping the CHAINS on. Laughing all the way to the bank. It really is about mocking us. They get more enjoyment out of the mocking rather than getting more money or land. The enjoyment they get out of this is really why they do it.

    Love your work, Mark!

    Here’s the clip:
    Keep the Change You Filthy Animal

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