Richard Dolan on UFOs, Suppressed Technology & the Future @ PartyForTruth — ModernKnowledgeTour

The Modern Knowledge Tour will blend unique speakers and their vast knowledge and experience of interlacing disciplines, blending their vision into an unique, interactive experience. The concepts and ideas presented in this tour will not only empower individuals to think for themselves, but also inspire them to ask questions regarding our current knowledge, doctrines, and dogmas. Beginning with the earliest record of humanity, bridging the chasm of time and civilizations, and ending in today’s severed society, the Modern Knowledge Tour will destroy the stubborn ideologies that have taken hold of today’s human. A collection of three of the worlds best ‘alternative researchers’ and speakers, the Modern Knowledge Canada 2014 Tour will be a be a event that will shape our future direction as a species on this beautiful planet, and in our universe. We hope that all of you enjoy and experience the information presented within this tour, and find it both beneficial and inspiring. We look forward to meeting you on the road!
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  • Renee Souder

    Great talk and points. I’m just shocked at all the rude people chatting away while he spoke. Not the guys agreeing and interjecting,but the general crowd talking the whole time. I hope there was a bar near by to give them a bit of an excuse for the rude behavior.

  • Lise Adler

    I learn something new every time I listen to Mr. Richard Dolan.  I highly recommend his latest book, “UFOs For The 21st Century Mind”.  It’s wholly intriguing and highly informative.  I could barely put it down.

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