The Truth About Assange, Wikileaks And The Podesta Emails

Last week Wikileaks dumped a series of e-mails about Hillary Clinton from campaign chairman John Podesta. The Podesta e-mails are revealing the corrupt nature of the DNC, especially Hillary Clinton, but there’s nothing in there that’s going to convert hardline Hillary supporters. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth lays out the problem reaction solution scenario in which the alternative media are being set up to take a huge fall.


Julian Assange – Freedom Fighting Hero? Or Controlled Opposition?

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  • szivalj

    jesus man since when did you need to edit the video after every sentence.
    please prepare your thoughts & try to do fewer takes.

  • darkgrape

    Assange has a very strange background/childhood reminiscent of a Village of
    the damned/mkultra/cia op. Have always been suspicious as to his “agency”
    and I feel his recent psyche has become more maniacal and has become
    possibly unhinged. Yet I still await the dispenser, much like a pavlovian
    dog, hoping the next time, will be the one.

  • Genovacide

    Dude you’re delusional. I’ve never seen the mainstream media fight so hard
    to tarnish someone like Trump. He’s legit and that’s why they are freaking
    out and spending millions to sway the sheeple. You’re the type of
    conspiracy theorist that even if the truth was handed to you, you would
    deny it.

  • National Liberty Party

    sorry but this is just wrong, your trying to come up with a conspiracy
    where there is none. clearly Assange is trying to help and it’s clear the
    shadow government doesn’t want him leaking stuff as they already threatened
    Ecuador to get them to shut down his internet.

  • Mr. Bozack

    Wiki leaks believes the “official” 911 story? Instant discredit.

    I’ve watched a few 911 documentaries with live footage. I noticed a few
    questionable things that were totally ignored by the 911 commission. I’m
    not a hacker, or a member of the FBI – but come on? They announced building
    7 collapsed in the U.K long before anyone could know that! Then look at
    Operation Northwoods, the missing trillions of dollars, Iraq, Afghanistan,

    I’m sure if I was a super-duper-cyber-hacker I could identify more “unusual
    discrepancies” in the official 911 narrative. The evidence supports
    theories, the official story doesn’t make any sense. Even to the most
    uneducated sheep like myself.

  • UtherPendragan

    Man you are insane. I like your videos and you make some good points but
    there no way this is controlled. They are dumping thousands of emails.
    There hundreds of people saying stuff they would never admit to saying in
    public. People are losing their jobs and reputations. If this is all part
    of some master plan it is the most stupid plan ever. You call yourself
    press for the truth. Well the truth is ugly and disorganized. Just like
    these emails.

  • Shalena

    Well, if this is a controlled opposition, perhaps the Hillary camp knows
    they’re going to win, either way it goes. Perhaps that’s why they don’t
    mind the “emails” being leaked. Honestly, I don’t know what I believe
    because anybody could be a puppet.

  • Culty Culty Cult Cult

    I don’t really get it. Controlled opposition by Hillary? Doesn’t she want
    him dead? And what is all this conintel and intcom etc mean – I’m new to
    all of this

  • Eric Garcia

    This video is full of logical inconsistencies and outright contradictory
    statements, it’s as if one was to say, we breathe oxygen, but oxygen
    doesn’t exist!!! This is not to say that the premis is incorrect, just that
    the arguments for its defense are completely FLAWED!!!

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