The Truth About Russell Brand, Alex Jones & David Icke – Friend or Foe?

Is Russell Brand, Alex Jones & David Icke “cointelpro”, “Illuminati puppets”, or “Jesuit assassins”?… Does it really matter? In This video I discuss these questions and the dangers of living in fear of “the powers that be”. Topics covered include: Fear as mind control, the awakening process, the third eye, the golden rule, divide and conquer, wealth redistribution creativity, and solutions.

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  • MarinaMarina

    I agree with a few points you raised. For instance, I choose not to listen to David Ike talk about the moon…
    Past videos I watched and he seemed sincere about the children .
    Before I watched your video, I saw a recent one about David Ike half transcending into a reptile , but the curtains in the background (of that Skype video) were at it as well.
    What seemed real to me is that one of his hands is permently doing the devil horns sign.
    (Which could be blamed on some kind of hand dis figuration-think he always had something like that-but now putting that to use as an excuse to do that shit. He was being quite animated while he was talking, and he would raise his hands above his head, looking like he is doing More of that ‘indirect’ symbolism.
    I am disappointed that it dose seemed he has turned-why would he turn?!
    Noticed from one of the pictures in your video, that his wife is at it as well. Bloodily ill in the head.

  • dolamike584

    Im sorry guys but Alex Jones is truly for the hardcore awakened. If you don’t understand the occult or the indoctrination of the ideals of satan then step back and keep reading and waking up your spirit. You guys are caught up in the exterior that you forget theres a spiritual battle which is why the “elite” are winning. I wanna see someone try and nreak down EVERYTHING in a few hours along with current day to day news. Its nearly impossible to do, I get overloaded when I think of all the little puzzle pieces that make up the whole picture. I appreciate his work and hold no expectations or pit all my eggs in his basket. Alex helped me understand myself as an individual and that opened the door to god. Btw once you feel you got the answers to EVERYTHING then you better understand that your even further than you think. This statement includes myself.

  • The25Sister

    Do not let them confuse you..confusion is their best weapon against humans.
    We are dealing with a mind fuck you don’t wanna know.

  • Problem Child

    I’m a 100 times dumber after watching this fatfuck and his kush induced ramblings. What a clown, a jackass, a pure-bore!??

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