Russell Brand EXPOSED! Part 1 – Is he a Hypocrite? A prophet? Or the second coming of Christ?

Mainstream Media calls him a hypocrite. Conspiracy theorist call him a Fabian Socialist. His supporters call him a real activist. And he says we’re all hypocrite who need to unite in order to create a better world.

Is he a Hypocrite? A prophet? Or the second coming of Christ? In this video I provide my perspective on the Russell Brand phenomenon.


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  • hardheadrab

    welcome to the circular argument.. you are not movind forward you can’t
    reach to certain level <<<<<
    the brain is the most important organ you have according to the brain
    <<<<the real enemy greets with its Victory Lap!

  • Nazcan Jones (NaZCaN)

    Message to Mr. Brand:
    Mr. Brand I am going to give you a chance here but I am MYSTIFIED as to why
    you didn’t ask Ed Miliband anything about FOREIGN POLICY?? It VANISHED from
    the campaign NOBODY talked about it?
    There is a REVOLUTION taking place and YOU have a vehicle to get the REAL
    ISSUES to many people! We need to tackle WORLD issues because this country
    isn’t in a mess due to Labours overspending last time they were in! This
    country is in a mess because the WORLD is in a mess and that’s the way the
    ELITE like it!
    WAR is the ULTIMATE terror tool its breeds chaos, fear, hatred and PURE
    CONTEMPT for LIFE! Its not about MONEY, its about POWER and COMPLETE
    CONTROL!! Politicians are just WILLING middlemen in the game, shielding the
    elite, so they can quietly implement there agenda! I repeat, COMPLETE

    The elite are fully aware of the ever growing number of people in the
    western world who want a KINDER MORE THOUGHTFUL HUMANITY and they see us as
    DISSIDENTS. I am no threat to anyone or anything in its physical form but
    the way I THINK makes me a threat to this system and that’s CLEAR EVIDENCE
    here is your chance to prove to us you are ONE of us (NO MESSIAHS HERE)!
    We do not have to STAND UP to bankers etc etc. We do not need to stand up
    to anyone we need to make, as ONE, their ILLUSION irrelevant to our lives!

    Just a thought…You said nice in the upload NICENESS can be FAKED and
    become a SELFISH ACT! Whereas KINDNESS is the GIFT of CONSIDERATION from
    one LIVING THING to ANOTHER thinking of the SELF does not come into it!

    You KNOW the issues I am talking about TACKLE THEM!! ONE LOVE!!!

  • MrMattsmind

    Anarchy never truly exists…. because people naturally seek the
    companionship of others… and soon they gather… and out of necessity
    they need to form so form of “tribal” or otherwise system for who gets what
    resources… and does what work..

  • allah clarkbar

    YOU Say… we see threw peoples bullshit

  • Atlas Westbrook

    Russell Brand has been talking about these things since 2001. He got fired
    from MTV for dressing as Osama Bin Laden on TV the day after 9/11 to make a
    statement about the whole thing being a distraction.

  • Quiet Knight

    Thanks for posting this. I think you hit the nail on the head, if Russell
    is made into a leader of any kind or if people put aside their better
    judgement to follow anything he (or anyone else) has to say then they have
    already either stopped thinking for themselves or stopped taking full
    responsibility for their own actions

  • Sovietborne855

    if you watch messiah complex, the whole thing does lead up to him pretty
    much saying he’s the 2nd coming of christ. In order to see who he’s
    working for u need to disregard what he’s saying and focus more on his
    Intentions. And from the looks of it they are more selfish than
    altruistic. He’s using the truth to gain attention/recognition/$, the
    only things u can learn from him, are things you already figured out on ur
    own. If u haven’t, ur just gonna be awed by the truth he tells u and end
    up lookin at him like some sort of idol. Which only drives you away from
    the truth. So he could quite possibly be the greatest schill of all time
    (e.i. the symbolic ‘antichrist’).

  • Music Man

    Thank you! You’re analysis is excellent. Please keep it up. Insane people
    (or liars) like “saint” julien are spreading ridiculous delusions designed
    to divide people. These enemies of progress towards a better society must
    be opposed. Thanks again.

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