On November 14th, 2014, the famous Comedian and Actor Jim Carry appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote his new movie Dumb and Dumber To. During his appearance Mr. Carrey displayed strange hand signals while playing the role of a “crazy Illuminati conspiracy theorist”.

Jim starts his interview by stating that he’s “sick and tired of the secrets and the lies” of the Illuminati and that he’s “here to be the whistle blower” but is this his true intention? Maybe is he simply trying to be funny or perhaps his intentions are more devious in nature? I don’t know Jim Carrey’s true intention – but what I do know is that by focusing on and analyzing five main points taken from his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, I will be able to prove that, rather then blowing the whistle on the secrets and the lies of the Illuminati, Jim Carrey leaves his audience in a greater state of confusion regarding what the Illuminati is, how secret societies operate and how they influence our world. I will also suggest that the words Jim used in his interview promotes division amongst the general population rather then a sense of unity.

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