Canada’s Being TAXED Out Of Existence! – Trudeau Raises Taxes AGAIN!

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the massive tax hike just issued to Canadians, mainly small businesses.
As 50% of small businesses in Canada don’t make it past the one year mark, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced un-apologetically that taxes will be raised on small businesses in order to “grow” the middle class which of course is the group taking the biggest hit.
Trudeau during the election claimed that small businesses were largely just ways for people to hide their taxes.
Now let’s get this straight. Taxation is theft. The vast taxation Canadians face on a daily basis is nothing short of robbery. From income taxes to the carbon tax, property tax, business tax, general sales tax, provincial sales tax and countless others. Not to mention inflation, the hidden tax.
The government puts in regulations and taxes on businesses under the guise of stopping monopolies when these regulations and taxes in actuality CREATE monopolies by pushing small businesses out of the market.
The major corporations that liberals act as if they oppose can afford to pay the taxes. They can just lay off tons of employees, or just move to another country with less aggressive regulations and taxes. The small businesses are then forced to pay these taxes and follow these regulations and they simply can’t afford to compete in the market and they’re driven out of business.
The free market provides so much more than the state, and far more efficiently.

The debt accumulation and poverty in Canada is growing by the day.

Canada’s private debt to GDP is 6th in the world at 266.89%. That’s insane!

Trudeau is moving Canada towards the likes of Venezuela and Zimbabwe. Truth be known, Trudeau doesn’t have much of a say, he can hardly spell his own name, he’s the talking head as bankers and regulators work behind the curtain to shove people into debt servitude via the hand of the central bank and governing powers, but people think all surface, no substance, so people must be made aware of what these implementation mean and what they will further lead to.

Stay tuned for more from WAM as we continue to call out that which the media refuses to touch!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Stan Ulch

    When real privilege rots the brain of those who have always had everything they want, certain fundamental concepts are an unattainable concept. These people have never seen small businesses as anything other than a means to an end, ie a tax shelter, or a laundering front.

  • No Fix

    This is what the people want – Turdope is very popular, especially with the largely Marxist feminist minded Canadian population.

  • Rocky Balboa

    Is there any hope for Canada? In the coming elections in 2019 is there a chance they could get rid of its’ Communist government?

  • royce davis

    Josh and John, get a grip on yourselves. You haven’t been living in a vacuum for the past 30 years have you? Then you should know that the UN is pushing a NWO’s One World Government and all Western nations are complicit. In order to have a One World Government, all national sovereignty’s MUST be destroyed, which is what we are now witnessing in Canada, USA, UK, and Australia. What better way to destroy a nation’s sovereignty than to go into irreversible debt and burden the tax-payer’s with monumental taxation which leads to loss of property, income and results in incarceration or murder by the state. Remember the slogan of the NWO? It’s “Order Out Of Chaos.” When treasonous chaos destroys the foundational national structure and infrastructure, the result is enslavement, starvation and death.

  • Ginger Snap

    A Colossal Idiot indeed. Trudeau is a COMMUNIST GLOBALIST LITERAL ASS. Did I forget to mention that he is more than very likely Fidel Castro’s Son, known fact the old Pierre loved the late Castro and so did Margaret. This is relevant as it just reinstates
    Trudeau’s intentions for this Country and his very very skewed Ideology and his very apparent disdain for this Country and the true Canadians, just look at his Actions thus far. So this guy came into Politics with the only Credential being that
    he is Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s Son- and that is a very likely scam in itself.- So what else makes him valid, that he is inept at best, completely stupid, a Communist liar and should be wearing a clown suit. Maybe it should be challenged his one and only credential for this job is actually real?

  • pamela kingwell


  • Donald Derp

    Trudeau is not left wing. He’s a corporate puppet sponsored by the banks and corporations. The left stand for workers and for public services to be controlled by the people for the benefit of people who pay for it, they’re pro society not pro elite. Capitalism is destroying society to feed the greedy few.

  • jer ros

    Hey Josh what do you think about sovereign citizen and a4v, writing your own money orders, claiming your legal fiction and taking control of the accounts of your birth certificate and sin card? Why can’t we start a group of sovereign citizens to counter act the pirate bankers schemes by forgiving the debt they use to justify the thieft through tax system?

  • carl

    TURDeau learned from his communist father, Castro. He is nothing but a soros rothschild zionist bankster cuck puppet. Clueless ass he never had to work a hard day in his life.

  • Sonjay Kumar

    Then who do you expect to pay for roads, hospitals, health care etc. The Gov’t needs to maintain the level of operating expenses of the country. The taxation proposed makes sense.

  • simon lindsey

    Awesome credos fellas…been watching for few months….keep up the work on exposing corrupt economics and other world issues……subscribing from England…..take it easy!!

  • 50canadian

    How come there are so many morons life in Canada?
    Trudeau is your worst nightmare, and most canadian think he’s great.
    Taxes are going up, moslums rape kids in the schools. bringing in the moslums whit a IQ 7 a d , lower, ca t lern nothing can’t be employed there areto dumb.
    They’re making a living on welfare, and you the Canadian working peopleha e to pay for this.
    Trudeau is a Islam following moron.

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