A.I on The Blockchain: Next Stage In ELIMINATING Government!

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The world of blockchain tech and the world of A.I are coming together whether you like it our not. In the near future both A.I and blockchain tech will have merged into a world changing relationship.
In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Anthony Lacavera of Globalive and Lior Gantz of Wealth Research Group about the direction that both these technologies may take us moving forward and what the average viewer can do to position themselves into a profitable industry that will boom within the next 10 years.

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  • S.D.A.C

    Government =control of the mind we dont need regulation… GOVERNANCE models like EOS dont need regulation…they are dead wrong.

  • Petrice Sycip

    Dan, very good Qs! It’s important people understand what Blockchain is and that CRYPTO uses blockchain, which is a technology to be used for other industries as well.

  • Jayson Twitch it

    Lior, you have just convinced me! Where do I sign up? Love this intelligent forward-thinking conversation of blockchain and all the ways it brings positive change to a corrupted, broken system.

  • Aric Sumner

    I read through the Wealthresearchgroup/Live report and appreciate hearing this discussion as it brings it full circle for me. As an investor, this is a solid deal. Thanks Dan for having Lior and Anthony on your show!

  • Christina Shephard

    Dan, loved the show. This got me so excited for the future. Also, thnx for introducing us to Globalive and Lior at Wealth Resesrch group- just subscribed!!

  • Joey Arnold

    Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is good and bad and we got be on top of it or others will use it to kill us and more like the Internet was supposed to kill us but we got on top of that.

  • Nancy Roaden

    I’m realizing that blockchain technology brings accountability into any system it uses, adding high accountability and accuracy which makes it safer than what we have now. Combining it with AI makes it very powerful, wow.

  • Nomad Wizard

    Lior, u usually have sound views, but all ur views today r babble.
    ….OMG, lior is full of crap today.
    ….can’t beleive both the other guys just sat there and let him spew crap
    …..cryptos will be the final nail in the slavery coffin.

    Nope. …eventually u will only be able to use ‘their’ cryptos.
    …all governments and the monopolies will have ‘their’ own blockchain coins, Walmart has already started with ‘their’ partnership with MoneyGram which will be using ‘their’ coin Ripple.
    ….. if u want to eat, heat or cool ur house, cloth urself, etc., etc., u will have to have ‘their’ coins
    …’they’ will only accept ‘their cryptos, so again ‘they’ will be in total control.
    ….just look at what ‘they’ r already doing to PPT, VERI, PLR and especially Centra.
    ….look what MasterCard just did (April 2018), and that will likely have an impact on cryptos like CIVIC.

    ….tokenized real estate will be to the detriment of the ‘little’ guy.

    …I’m not saying not to make money with cryptos, but they r not good for humanity they r just leading us one step closer to transhumanism.
    ….’they’ r disguising it as easy free money knowing most people r greedy and will hang on to the end chasing the money for ever.
    …it’s pretty much too late for most still holding as they will experience major loses so they mite as well let it ride.
    ….just like “they’ have been doing for decades …it’s a wise gambler who gets out of the games when the cards r not falling his way, it take brains, balls and backbone, then get back in the next game.
    ….don’t get suckered in, don’t be greedy take gains and buy equatorial farmland in nonwestern world countries

    …good food and clean water r the gold and silver of tomorrow.
    …for example, why do u think the Bushes bought several 100s of thousands of acres of farmland in S. America AND on top of one of the world’s largest fresh water aquifers, probable oil under there too.
    …take some of ur cryptos to those countries where u bought the farmland and cash it in for silver bullion coins and bury some on each piece of property, that way u r covered pretty much across the board


    I’m super stoked about this whole discussion…its participants, the roundtable style, and these exciting new technologies! #BuildingTheFuture #pioneers ??

  • Millenial Sunshine

    I cant wait to see what blockchain will do to food!! Especially with all these new food companies that offer complete healthy meals delivered to your door. Pair that with that robot chef powered by AI…OMG i am so fricking excited. Im also lazy and fail at cooking where that robot chef will make me yummy things with ease.

  • My Direct Opinion

    I hope this is true Has anyone checked to see if they are controlled in the background by the globalists

  • Chris Weinert

    Am I the only one who sees the absolute dangers of this ambition & immense scheming to push for crypto & A.I.?
    (Rothschild is playing China against the U.S., via “national” banks, economic manipulation, imposed hardship, & pure deception to usher in their mark of the beast crypto currencies.)

    These banksters funded 5 despots last time the world rejected their schemes, when they crashed the markets, valved off cash/credit, & they killed 250 million, each time.
    Mark my words, this JWO reich will make both of those world wars look like child’s play, especially if you choose to follow Nimrod, here.

  • Chris Weinert

    Numbnuts, find me Satoshi Nakamoto (or whatever that Bitcoin CEO’s name is), then!
    $500 million just got hacked out of bitcoin, this has a few “people” who own a majority of the coins, but they lend the impression of popularity, in hopes of reaching critical mass.
    Digital, paperless Rothschild corporate script, it will be the end of all economic privacy, as it is gamed by the cabal’s new guard, also it’s software & hardware is backdoored thru Tel Aviv.
    Doesn’t this stuff concern you, Judas goats?

  • Chris Weinert

    Try blockchain out on voting, before you throw it, blindly, & unregulated, at those trillion dollar markets!
    No justice, no peace.
    The robber barons must be subjected to our legal system, or else, this whole thing will just be a much, much, much bigger ball of shit!

  • Life Sucks

    Thinking bots will be the best thing since slice bread. You’re kidding yourself. Think about who is writing code for these machine. Honestly I’m scared.

  • Ricardo Franco

    Is there anything positive regarding A.I.?
    It will be a more effective tool of control and enslavement!
    Who will “benefit” of A.I. but the bully-elites and the controllers of the slaves!!!

  • Ken Rodgers

    Wish you would discuss Israli Talpiot program and how can Canada possibly compete with or even fit in with them or Serco ?

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