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Modern Knowledge’s Christopher Russak is joined by the former Defence Minister of Canada, the Hon. Paul T Hellyer to briefly introduce Paul’s upcoming keynote presentation featured on the April 2015 Disclosure Canada Tour: What You Don’t See Is What You Will Get!

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Paul T Hellyer Presents:
What You Don’t See Is What You Will Get!

This presentation will discuss the origin of the New World Order, and the Cabal that have run the United States and much of the world for many decades. The information presented will also look at issues such and the Cabal’s connection to extraterrestrials, their technology, nuclear weapons tampering and national security issues related to this association. It will review the Plan for a New American Century, and the military-industrial complex and its blueprint for perpetual war leading to complete dominance of Planet Earth – and what, if anything, can be done to stop it.


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