The iPhone X Exposed – Biometric Identification Is Just The Beginning…

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The iPhone X will soon be on the market tracking, tracing and databasing every face it sets it’s bionic eye on. Facial recognition software has just entered the mainstream as Apple unveils their newest device the IPhone X. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth outlines some of the obvious and not so obvious applications (and violations of privacy) that this new technology can and will bring to society.

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  • Charles Allen

    Humans are not smart enough to see the hazard before them. Therefore we will continue down this path until it is to late; let us say by 2025. I think the current generation going through high school, and those following right behind, will be generation “E, Enslaved” and will result in the loss of the “FREE” human species. Ain’t technology great?

  • papapapist

    Washing machines and dishwashers can listen to you and broadcast your lives to big brother. ThIs is not new. Again, we give them power by spending our dollars on their products. Spend wisely, change the world.

  • Iaman Empoweredone

    To opt out of the system that is being imposed on us will mean certain poverty, but, we will be able to make our own choices.

  • Jarhead ALPHA 01

    the real tec they wont give to the public, only the tec that is for surveillance or frequency disruption
    why do we fly in old planes and not new tec ones like the industrial complex

  • theprintedmessage com

    I have started to leave my phone in my vehicle when I go shopping. Takes a lot of courage because you feel naked without the phone. However after a couple of successful ventures doing this I realize I never needed my phone with me anyways. I also never take my phone with me if I am going in my yard for some relaxation

  • Mohamed Alajmi

    All of this data has already been going into a massive data base years and years ago.

    All the stuff on social media and all of the stuff on your phone all gets processed through their systems WHY……

    Because the AI will then have years and year of different kinds of data to use to learn how to act and be human.

    If you’re controling your products (animals) then you need to know their behaviour inside out.

    People should join the ban against smart technology in general.

    It’s easy all you do is use the old phones and make some adjustments to prevent all of this crap from happening.

  • Hs Hs

    I had a little fun today feeding apples to some cows. They were so docile, so trusting, so… cow-eyed. Somehow people who are dumb enough to buy an iPhone x remind me of these cows.

  • Steve Ryan

    This is so insane. Our only hope is to wake up and realize that government (The State) is the problem and must be eliminated, but that’ll be up to each of us, individually. One mind at a time.

  • Rosebuds

    O.k I’m going to tell you guy’s something. you need to listen! For decades now there are roughly 10,000 Innocent Americans in a program ran by The United States Federal Government! Its an awful program that was born out of research and development for this Technology.It’s an inhumane program! Thousands of people are hit 24/7 with sonic weapons,microwaves,D.E.W.S Whatever you choose to call them. Some are electronically raped! Men/woman/children!! 24/7 surveillance,blacklisted among our community,Lies on top of lies are told about us. Most are drugged,also. Covert/overt harassment, break ins. And much more. This program has many veils of secrecy! Police are aware,not all but most of doctors,lawyers, etc.. Check out the new whistle blower Bryan Kofron AKA Justin Carter, He was trained on the inside of this program!! One more thing,… THINK for a minute.. How do you think they came up with the A.I.???? All this new tech, is because they had thousands upon thousands of innocent people being used as LAB RATS!! do you know anyone who is in the military?? Ask them .. What is a SUPER SOLDIER????? They have mind reading equipment to help soldiers, instead of thinking at the sound of light, they are now capable of thinking at the sound of thought. Yes, hard to believe, It’s way out there I understand.

  • Kiwihouse2005 B.

    We, the ones who refused this technology, are a dying breed. Are todays so incredibly indocrinated generation beyond help or even in the position to recognise the dangers and want help? Today we see the internet being scrubbed of material that challenges the globalists ideologies and agenda. Are we, given that hurdle, capable of awakening the youth of today or are we just an inconvenient truth not wanted to be listened to?

  • Kiwihouse2005 B.

    And will this biometric facial database be used, with the employment of real tine facial re-enactment software, to imprison/blackmail anyone for crimes that they never comitted! A very convenient method inorder to dispose of those holding alternative views! Is it already too late to stop?

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