BrainFeed w/ David Whitehead of Modern Knowledge Part 5: Government Corruption “Divide & Conquer”

David Whitehead is a full time Martial Arts Instructor and business owner, as well as an independent truth-seeker and researcher. He also has a YouTube channel (Senseidave82) with a variety of artistic and informative videos, video blogs, and interviews which focus on our past and present situation, as well as suggestions for viable solutions for our future. The basis of David’s work is founded on a sincere pursuit of truth wherever it might lead, with an emphasis on facing and conquering the fear and anxiety that often get in the way of our physical, mental and spiritual development. David also host a weekly radio show on Truth Frequency Radio called ‘Truth Warrior’ and is the co-founder of Modern Knowledge.

‘”Modern Knowledge is a Canadian based grassroots platform that assists in creating awareness about important and thought provoking subject matter that is not normally discussed in the mainstream. Using a unique blending of ancient wisdom with modern scientific knowledge, and featuring the brilliant work of outside the box thinkers, researchers, teachers, authors, artists, and solution oriented truth activist from all over the globe, the goal is to inspire a research based discussion on these important topics. By presenting diverse, cutting edge, and sometimes controversial information; MK hopes to motivate the individual to do their own research on these fascinating subject for themselves. Through conducting and producing live events, in depth workshops, exciting tours, online media, as well as featured work from many contributors, Modern Knowledge seeks to connect people, to inform, and to elevate the rapidly expanding evolution of human consciousness to the forefront of modern thought.”

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  • marisafari

    im guilty. when others claim that they know the Ultimate Truth or are Awake
    or Enlightened or on a Higher Level of Understanding or are special
    snowflake indigo children, they are insinuating that I’m not awake or am
    just a sheeple idiot. they come across as elitist and arrogant and i
    immediately want to attack and cut through their bullshit.
    i was arguing with someone like this who was claiming that Bernie Sanders
    is a shill because of ONE point of disagreement, while dismissing EVERY
    OTHER point of agreement. so i did what any peeved person would do and
    called her a tin foil hat conspiritard.
    so we were both contributing to the division- her with her initial smug
    tone and me with my anger and retaliation to her smugness. (really, it was
    her fault, but ive been guilty of being a smug brat too :P)

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