Cynthia McKinney On Government: “It’s All FAKE!” (FULL Exclusive Interview)

Josh Sigurdson talks with former Congresswoman and presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney about a host of important issues.
Starting off, we ask Cynthia about her thoughts on voluntaryism or private contract governance. Then she goes into what she’s learned since being a politician.
Moving on, we talk about the left right paradigm and people being dependent on the state to save them. She talks about witnessing first hand that everything in government is fake. It’s all a scripted show.
While Bush, Obama and Trump all ran on change successfully, the puppetmasters continue to do as they please behind the curtains. Nothing really changes, just surface issues. While the mainstream media lies about Trump, they also lie in favor of Trump. The populace then divides and people fight each other rather than the real problem. Government.
Cynthia McKinney breaks down a great analogy for us and goes into her idea of power cells as well as our differences.

We appreciate Miss. McKinney joining us and hope to talk with her again soon! We may have different ideas, but we should always listen to each other. That’s the first step towards action and understanding.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Cynthia McKinney
Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Time

    National leaders are figureheads, actors who kiss babies and shake hands while pretending to lead the nation. All political candidates are pre-chosen through the political party system, where a leader must be nominated, and thereby all potential good leaders are screened out in favor of those who are chosen puppets. No matter what flavor you choose, red, green, blue, all are controlled by the same unseen hand. This is why nothing really changes, no matter who is elected, and it never will.

  • CrimeThinking Prole

    I’ve watched numerous interviews over the years with her exposing our fraud of a ‘democracy’, deconstructing state propoganda, and revealing the (((snake behind the curtain))) ruling elite. Cynthia McKinney is a National hero in my book.

  • S Johnson

    ? Good to see Cynthia again. Russia’s loyalties lie with Iran , Syria and China NOT Trump and the US/USA INC LOL ?☠️

  • dolo gore

    Libya had a non governmental system…..there was no government to overthrow, Mr ghadaffi had relinquished his power and handed the goevernence to regional congress……….his country was well organised, the reason he was easily overthrown was that he was not a military dictator, if he was he would have fought, but he did not.

  • 7555tx 7555tx

    I would like to see people volunteer as politicians, it might get rid of greedy stupid fools that pretend to help its nations. Even then these volunteers have to checked. It will never happen by the powers in charge.

  • Pip Santos

    Government is obsolete. It has become redundant and inconsequential in our lives. Compare Google outage with any government outage.

  • gcoffey223

    Cynthia McKinney is a great example of her party working on getting rid of her because she wanted to good for America.

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