Silver & Gold Will SKYROCKET! – The Crypto Revolution Has JUST Begun (with David Morgan)

Josh Sigurdson and John Sneisen talk with David Morgan of The Morgan Report as well as Steven Merrill of Lode, the silver backed cryptocurrency.
We start off the video talking about the recent drop in the gold and silver price. While it was largely blamed on Trump tariffs, it’s likely entirely due to market manipulation. We see this market manipulation coming from both the banks and government. Isn’t it convenient to artificially hold down such important wealth insurance such as gold and silver?
Deutsche Bank was of course charged with manipulating both gold and silver markets in the past alongside multiple other banks.
David makes it clear that this manipulation needs to end immediately.
David also breaks down his thoughts on the gold/silver ratio and what it signifies historically.

Steven Merrill then steps in with David Morgan and explains Lode which David is an affiliate for. Lode is a cryptographic silver monetary system.
Lode offers a secure blockchain solution for the storage of silver. It is transparent and verifiable to stakeholders. Claims are represented by encrypted tokens that are controlled uniquely on a public and secure distributed ledger.
Lodecoin represents a stake in the Lode monetary system and a right to proportionate rewards to the margins earned on AGX coin distributions.
AGX coin represents a 1 gram weight and measure of vaulted and verifiable silver bullion. You can exchange the AGX coins for silver and gold bullion products.
This system aides merchants and protects cashflow. It has countless different uses and is yet another example of incredible innovation in the infant market of blockchain technology.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover this and bring you more interviews from The Red Pill Expo in Spokane, Washington!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

David Morgan
Steven Merrill
Josh Sigurdson
John Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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