THIS New Decentralized Internet Will Change The Game! – The Freos Revolution

Josh Sigurdson talks with Bob Stanley and Erin Hoensch of Freos, previously Freon regarding their red pill internet USBs.
We’ve talked before about the plethora of decentralized applications built upon the EOS blockchain. Well add this to the stack!
Freos allows individuals to stay secure and private online without the government collecting all of their information. It’s decentralized, so the government can’t exactly shut it down like they did the Silk Road.
The Freos crew was at The Red Pill Expo handing out USBs encased in a red pill. Now some may be thinking, who is willing to stick a USB into their computer from some external force. Well worry not! The USB doesn’t download anything onto your computer. It simply allows you to use the internet when plugged in, tracking and hacking free.
It utilizes a double-blind transaction proxy engine allowing people to make purchases online without the watchful eye of the government. You can use encrypted communication channels if you wish to contact people by text or video. The Onion Router randomly sends and encrypts your online traffic across various exit nodes in separate locations.

Bob Stanley and Erin Hoensch are incredibly passionate alongside their team to free the internet and free the individual. We were not paid to promote them, we’re just excited about the project. They are real voluntaryists who are working incredibly hard on a product that not only makes EOS better, but makes the decentralized, free internet that much more evolved and useful as government tracks and spies on individuals under the guise of targeted advertising.

You can go to to find more information about the product!

Stay tuned for more videos from The Red Pill Expo!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Bob Stanley
Erin Hoensch
Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • martinbelmont

    Wth are women doing in this space. Back to the kitchen bitches. They don´t know shit about technology.

  • Gold Lion

    Wow, if you need to learn more about crypto and bitcoin at this point, how come you created this app/os!?!?

    Your girl is annoying, every thing sounds like a question from her mouth.

  • Andrea van de Kleut

    very interesting,… will keep close eye on freos!. since EOSIO doesn’t now,and doesn’t want to, do their own currency or wallets( yet ). this is a good thing specially with the complete privacy and non-prying eyes from mcrsft, amazon, fb, googl, etc.etc.

  • Matt ward

    you guys have been getting bent over in cryptos!!!! So much for the term due your own diligence!! next stop for BTC in the 4k’s !!!

  • 1Alino

    The chick had anxiety in her voice, I know what she was thinking. “What if I say something stupid? Omg, it’s happening I am talking to the microphone, the whole world will see it, I am gonna screw my talk. They will ridicule me” 😀

  • Awakened2Truth - Disciple of Jesus the Christ

    Only God/Jesus creates (ex-nihlo) . Gold and silver is still a much better idea as a back up since what happens if the elite EMP the internet and your devices? Gold and silver can still be used, food bartering etc.. not anything electronic.

  • Smufter16

    Cool. But we all know that “free and independent internet/encryption technologies” can be hijacked by the government “for reasons of national security” at any time. They have unlimited funds to buy any brain they want (e.g. the guru/wizard of (fill in the blank)).
    Still, glad to see people pushing the envelope on internet security. And if we don’t support people like this, there will be ZERO hope. And I DO trust Erin!!!

  • S.D.A.C

    EOS has potential , and ELASTOS is an amazing, TROLLS=low iq no critical thinking all Blockchains are always a Wip

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