Is Cryptocurrency “The Mark Of The BEAST?” – Is Facebook Buying Coinbase?

Josh Sigurdson reports on some of the latest news in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology as Facebook withdraws its ban on cryptocurrency ads while still keeping its ban in place when it comes to ICOs.
This creates new speculation that Facebook will buy Coinbase, the online exchange giant as rumors have circulated regarding for some time.
According to David Marcus, VP of Messenger, Facebook is also looking at potentially creating its own cryptocurrency.
So the moral of this story would be stay away from exchanges to begin with. They are not safe in our opinion. Stick with a hard wallet!
Then comes the claim that cryptocurrencies are the mark of the beast! This is misleading as blockchain technology can be incredibly coercive if centralized, but to claim something like Bitcoin would be beneficial to the global establishment as a world reserve currency doesn’t make any sense.
There is a massive move towards a cashless society which is clear. A centrally planned digital currency routed through the banks and legal tender laws is ideal for the global cashless society at the IMF with the use of the SDR. They need to be able to print endlessly and enforce. If your money’s in the bank, it’s not yours, it’s the bank’s. If your money’s always going through the bank’s via digital transactions and legal tender laws, it’s never yours, it’s ALWAYS the bank’s! That’s exactly where they want you.
However, with Bitcoin, there is a cap on creation, it’s based in scarcity, application use and demand. Can they create promissories? Sure. People will move to another currency instead. There are only thousands of them. It’s a free market, competing currency system.
So many confuse cryptocurrency, digital currency, blockchain and Bitcoin with each other when they’re all quite different with some similar fundamental qualities. Equating all of the above does a disservice to information.

We will continue to cover this issue as we see the bear market potentially coming to an end.

Stay tuned!

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Josh Sigurdson

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  • Chen Lee

    Decentralized crypto, no. Centralized crypto for a cashless society and as the backbone for the Mark of the Beast? Google Revelation 13:16.

  • williewaterbug

    Be right with Jesus. Get saved. Then you won’t have to worry about it or be here for the tribulation.

  • snorrecryp H

    Good work ? but this is not fud look into EOS Block one scary stuf. If EOS does What IT was designed for IT would be great. But they got some Very dirty people involved?

  • 10 Comm Media

    A “mark” is a destinction or denomination of a bartering tool..THE BITCOIN symbol is “a mark”..THE DOLLAR symbol. Is A MARK..the blockchain system is the control mechanic..the current bartering tool of the us denomination has the signs of moloch and azazel…your question creates confusion and conjecture..but it is to be expected.

  • 10 Comm Media

    There is no rapture in the king james bible..all must endure tribulation and trial. If u are taken out of the are discarded and no longer beneficial to The Creator. Rapture doctrine is a jesuit Creation. “Be in it but not of it”. Or “come out of her/the sinful culture” Keep the 10 laws..this is the doctrine and culture of salvation in scripture. And his name is IMMANAWA AL..not iesus christos. Matthew 1:23 kjv 1611

  • 10 Comm Media

    Bartering for food is a part of human society..working to eat is an innate and integral necessity of this construct. Digital bartering and blockchain technology is not a necessity in this regard. Humans are designed to seek knowledge..this is an individualuzed process for each unique is eating..

  • Bill Rundell

    About 1% of the population is into CRYPTO currency.
    The other 99 % are tired of having the issue shoved into our faces.
    The H. with Bit coin and Face Book.
    US currency $$ has better value and security than Bit Coin.

  • 10 Comm Media

    In order to be free of banking serfdom..the individual must dissavow himself with the bartering tool issued and revert to self has always been the key and original bartering mechanic…but this society is coerced and complacent in their serfdom..dissavowing yourself takes courage..and faith in Something greater than autonomous man.

  • The_Sutton

    Important to note that Bitcoin Cash is the only real Bitcoin. BTC has been captured by banks. Do your own research!

  • 10 Comm Media

    What is ironnic the fact that very nutritious and edible plantlife..or TRUE all around us
    .growing wild..and we are too ignorant to digest.

  • jmcarp98

    Get some gold and silver. None of the cryptocurrencies are decentralised and all depend on the internet which is less and less free by the day.. If the miners decide to spit off and double the supply, etc, they can do that and have done that.

  • sergio vazquez

    Hello Josh, great video like always! Would you please make a review video of Electroneum cryptocurrency? I believe this will change the crypto world in one year. Thanks!

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