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  • David Money

    In Victoria BC, Aleister Crowley Order of the Golden Dawn Brotherhood or OTO was the only one founded in Canada … still operates today…

  • garden love

    Just think how many potential “underground” sides of ‘the story’ there must be waiting to be discovered. Fun stuff. Thanks David! 🙂

  • not2tees

    The Occult you get to know only at the cost of The Occult getting to know you. Knowledge itself – of any kind – both adds something to you and limits you simultaneously. Faith is not looking for knowledge, but it does like to see Signs. But faith relieves the soul from the burdens of knowledge, which can get too heavy…caveat emptor.

  • Cheri De Hart

    I am at 7:56 and I am getting chills ( good, affirming)from Jonnie’s story. Second affirming sign of this story, 56 is my number. I didn’t know that this was the number when I stopped to make this message. Just wanted to share, love you guys.

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