SOUND MONEY: Putting SILVER on a BLOCKCHAIN with Lode (David Morgan & Steven Merrill)

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The emergence of blockchain technology inspires us to imagine a future where physical weights and measures of pure silver are restored to the global economic system as a superior and sound form of money. This transformation requires a supply of silver that is transparent and verifiable to all stakeholders at all times, and that certain rights and claims upon the silver are represented by encrypted “tokens” that are controlled uniquely and individually upon a public and secure distributed ledger. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with David Morgan of The Morgan Report and Steven Merrill of Lode to talk about silver’s new found potential in the blockchain age.

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  • Iaman Empoweredone

    The dollar is stonger because of higher interest rates which makes preacious metals for investment cheaper. Ecomonics 101

  • watcher on the wall

    dont know about that one , so he wants to mine silver from those who hold it without getting his hands dirty …uh ha… hmm but if you dont hold it you dont own it , has he ever heard of this ? my silver will work for me when prices increase , meantime its still working for me as a secure means of retaining its value that i spent for it as the dollar wavers a little up and a lot down until it eventually gets to the real value it has which is zero

  • I Am

    Crypto currency still sounds like a scam. A currency that can be destroyed with a magnet does not sound reliable.

  • Jon Singleton

    The good thing about silver is you can hold it in your hand and it doesn’t require trusting anyone else. Hopefully these people will be honest about how much silver is vaulted. There are a lot of good ideas in the world that end up raising money and misusing the funds. I wouldn’t put much into it, but hopefully it attracts the crypto space back into the metals.

  • Pat Hacker

    Not sure silver is the answer. Have a friend that bought silver back in the eighties and had to unload it for a fraction of what she and her husband paid for it. It wasn’t a good investment for them. They had a helluva lot of silver ingots they had to more or less give away. I am guessing if they’d had even a 1/3 of that in bitcoin she’d be set for life.

  • 4Freedomrider

    How did Liberty Dollar get taken down and robbed and this (which is also a good idea) survive under the light of the criminal bankster class??

  • joe burkett

    im sooo tired of hearing blockchain blockchain that everytime you get paid order an ounce of silver or what i do is order a 5oz bar every month silver is a good investment

  • Paul N

    Goldmoney (formerly Bitcoin) is way ahead of this. You all need to start working together vs making so many similar competing services.


    humm smell like a scam please show me the vault is your vault at Fort Knox . all those guy want the paper money for their token that dont really exist I dont like it

  • River Smithe

    You have to trust that Lode would pay out silver coins if they went bust, and I just don’t trust any of them. I mean, look at banks!

  • Chris Weinert

    This is the first crypto that piqued my interest.
    (I knew, all along, crypto/btc was a rouse by the banksters to lend the impression of competition, while they clandestinely backdoored all crypto, thru Tel Aviv & Ft Meade, VA.)

  • Barry Dutton Sells Homes

    Great catch having David on man, he is one of my fav. guys to listen to and learn from. Is he tall or are you just shorter than I think LOL.

  • Todd Brill

    I see the benefits of silver and gold and am well versed in the economic advantages over fiat currency and am well educated in crypto currency, but the one thing that silver or gold advocates fail to address is the issue of trust that still exists. I have to trust the source of gold or silver if I’m a buyer (not true for Bitcoin sales between users). The other issue with silver and gold is that it needs to be widely adopted in order for straight transactions to take place in a market, and this is nearly impossible in any electronic market (think Amazon, eBay, etc).

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