US THREATENS CHINA! – “We WILL Cut You Off From Dollar!”

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the recent threats from Treasury Secretary Mnuchin that the US will “cut China off” from the US dollar.
This threat is meant to force China to uphold North Korean sanctions, but with the excuse aside, it’s the perfect storm for China and the international order.
As the IMF talks about moving to Beijing, China in the next few years, China is leading the world in their technocratic agenda towards a cashless society which is to be implemented into the SDR creating a global cashless society.
The power shift to China is enormous and this recent development is a perfect situation for the global order. It’s exactly what China wants and exactly what the US establishment wants. This also echoes the sentiments of UN Secretary to Trump, Nikki Haley.
Let’s not forget that countless countries have done currency swaps away from the USD in recent years. This isn’t new. The fact is, the world reserve currency, the USD is ready to crash to the ground and that’s going to bring the global fiat empire down. The establishment is desperate to move towards their centrally planned cashless society before this happens as they know this will lead to a revolt.
As the Fed attempts to raise interest rates high enough to drop them out when the dollar crashes in order to save the currency, they cannot do it enough and it will lead to negative interest rates. This will be the end as we know it of the Fed’s fiat IOU. But if the global establishment can bring upon a global centrally planned cashless society, it will become quite simple to control the entire populace with debt and surveillance.
If your money’s in the bank, it’s not yours, it’s the bank’s. If your money is always going through the bank via legal tender laws, central planning and digital transactions, you never hold it, it’s ALWAYS the bank’s and it’s NEVER yours! They can track everything you do and ensure that any remnants of a free market is reduced to dust.
We cannot allow this agenda to be fulfilled!

Stay tuned as we continue to break this incredibly important issue down!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • aluckyshot

    You call it a globalist world order, yet you name jew after jew and are being held back by the ADL. Man the fuck up and name the Jew you spineless cucks.

    Sure other groups are involved, but most of those secret societies are based off Jewish Mysticism, Kabalism.

  • royce davis

    How does one prepare when one’s own government is working to destroy the dollar and this nation’s sovereignty? It’s printing trillions of worthless fiat dollars and bringing in a foreign people who live just to conquer by murder, lies and deceit. It’s paying cities and states money to declare themselves as sanctuary abodes for illegal aliens who are living off tax-payers while at the same time prosecuting American citizens for verbally opposing treason. America cannot endure such a powerful, treasonous government. Cicero warned that “traitors rot the very soul of a nation and are more to feared than a known murderer.”

  • Miss-andry Begone

    As Brendon O’Connell pointed out, all Jewish Rabbinical Wars are all Bankers wars, and are all based on Theatre. The guys in the know, behind the scenes play their games as they will. BUT they are using the lives of the sheep. Yes, we are the sheep. If you have a backbone I suggest you tell them to stuff it. I certainly don’t want to be seen as a pawn for them to move around on the chess board. Think about it. If the US withdraws from China, it’s just playing its own game – and the yuan will take over. They are cutting their own throats, but maybe this is the part they have to play in order for the SDRs to be brought in. Yes, guys – theatre!!

  • gary baker

    The only thing the United Snakes of Satan has left is a basket of weapons of mass destruction …..expect them to be used in their final insanity to maintain hegemony

  • JadeRabbit Futurist

    Only ONE way to prepare! Write “vote in a max government wage & NO lobbyist contributions” on the backs of dollars and agree to select qualified humanitarians to be our leaders like ‘Doctors without borders’ or renewable energy engineers’.

    We can’t keep playing their game. We need financial, energy, food, and internet independence, and SOON. That’s the quickest way to it.

  • Sandy Villarreal

    That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all year. I’m sure China’s shakin’ in their tiny little shoes. Nobody wants our worthless fiat currency anymore.

  • Old Deplorable

    I believe Russia and China are steering world trade towards a gold-backed trade note, killing off the petro-dollar/dollar as WRC? Why would they favour an SDR? Don’t they now also control the IMF?

  • guruuDev

    You got it.  It’s not US vs China.  It’s NWO corporate bankster elites (Chinese, American etc. multinational) against ALL would-be individual independent countries — toward their One World Government, complete with one-world currency.

  • james adams

    I believe that this is part of the plan!!! These Global psycopaths are working together!!! We have some playing agressor, some playing middle and some playing like standing up to the bully!!! It’s all an act and it’s a master piece performed specially to fool Us!!! The only way to not be taken by it is to realize that it’s just a movie, so to speak!!! It’s time for the People of the Globe to just stop!!! If the people in the fake governing Structure don’t take the legislative power to shut down the big money Interest’s, then it’s up to Us, The People Of The Entire Globe!!! It’s time to start revealing the corrupt practices of the deep state/shadow government!!! Anyone Who Blow’s the Whistle is welcome to hide out at My residence!!! We all need to participate in overcoming the monetary system!!! Let’s usher in the cashless Society, not in the Interest’s of the pathetic selfish, childish miniminds that manipulate from the cowerdly shadows, but in the Interest’s of We The People Of The Entire Globe and the Interest’s of This Awesome Planet!!! They do not care about who, or what they destroy!!! Look up the cremation of care’s and realize that they will not stop until they are stopped!!! We can starve their greedy little system if We quit being afraid!!! I call upon the People with the resources at hand to start supporting the implementation of the take over of Our Lives, Our resources and Our Planet!!! We need to quit the industries that participate in directly and indirectly producing devices for killing!!! We need to jump start industries for the purpose of melting down and recycling the materials that have been invested into these destructive, useless devices and repurposing other supporting equipment meant to back such machines!!! We need armies of farmers, recyclers, volunteers, teachers, engineer’s, We need to ditch the consuming way of thinking and start With The preservation and restoration way of thinking!!!

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