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  • EroomYrrah

    Always liked Hellyer. One of the few liberals that wasn’t in the pocket of
    the imperial bankers and Builderberger. We almost had him for PM, all he
    would have had to do was sell out the Bank of Canada to the Bay st
    syndicate ( TRUDEAU did and he won ).

  • EroomYrrah

    We don’t even need zero point or millions of electric cars. We need 80mpg
    engines and California emmission kits. Let’s start with what is
    immediately doable.

  • MMMGrower

    I don’t see what this man has said that has not already been said by those
    that came before him.

    Nothing new here. People have been saying this stuff for well over 30

    • C.E. SCHLINK

      +MMMGrower It’s the fact that he is a former minister of defense. So that
      has an impact….a big one. Lots of the others saying it, just sounded sort
      of like Kooks. (not to be rude).

    • Starduster*RE In Motion

      +Shieena Living Waters
      Absolutely Shieena… we the (cough) Common folk, who have many
      Experiences.. UFO, Abductions- Especially Women.. who Struggle to Keep our
      Families and Friends Awake and Aware ..Suffer to be Heard. Many men (Not
      All) talk around us and don’t realize we are Humans with Brains too. The
      “They” persons in HIGH Places, like to over look us,while it was Many of
      us who began Waking one another up and now that so many ARE Awake.. “They”
      don’t like that!!
      We are so many More now- Who See Through their Undermining tricks… that
      “They”- would rather Kill us off.
      Let them think we are Crazy.. WE Know Their Lies and WE Know the TRUTH.
      ♥ Peaceful Thoughts ~~~~~~~~ *

    • Shieena Living Waters

      Although a true statement- most of us don’t have the reputation which is a
      valuable variable. When he speaks; people are more inclined to listen. When
      I speak- I’m just crazy and psychologically impaired- as are most of us who
      seek to expose the truth.

    • Starduster*RE In Motion

      +MMMGrower Yes maybe that is so… but he had been The Past Prime Minister
      of a Country which is Canada and he now has time to Recognize and OPEN, or
      at least LEAN on the BIG GATE. Just because we the people know… means
      nothing to the “THEY” Control Addicts. He has the Wisdom and Brass ones to
      Actually Say it.. for the People! He’s a Good Man because at Least… he’s
      Trying…~~~ *

  • Serenity Lake field

    A must listen, this man knows exactly what is going on and calls to voice
    his valid concerns, please share widely 

  • OrionLady777

    Many Thanks to Paul Hellyer. I really appreciate what he is doing for the
    world. I saw some people said what he’s saying is not new. It’s not new for
    the people in the know but he is doing his part to expose the facts. In
    addition, because of his political background, it makes it more authentic
    to educate the public. Also what I like about his way of approtch is that
    he understands the urgency of the situation and expresses his take on it.
    Something that most individuals in Ufology community have not been doing.
    He talks about how disclosing the true in different areas affects our lives
    and our world. We need more politicians to come forward and campaign on
    this matter. God Bless Paul Hellyer.

    • Mhi kl

      So true, all points, Orion. Amazing man, he is for sure.
      • Mr Hellyer is in his early nineties yet looks like he has the strength
      and possession of grey cells to continue for some time. The longer the
      better, by my reckoning. Rarely do I find negative comments about the man.
      Namaste and care,

  • Maxwell Smart

    If he wants to get the truth out, when will he call out the Kosher Nostra
    and Jewish bankers who run the world? Has he ever called out Zionism? All
    this BS about a New World Order – we all know it’s a JEW WORLD ORDER. 90
    years old yet still unable to call out the dirty Jewish rats.

    • freeeeeeedom no rulers

      +Maxwell Smart jews are low on the rung of control , sure they are a player
      , but not near the top ,,look at the jesuits vatican etc , they hold the
      keys , which they display proudly in their symbology

  • nanomyou5

    It is “Disclosure Canada Tour”, Calgary stop.

    NOT “Stop disclosure”, Canada Tour, Calgary.

    In came somebody is wondering 😀

    Bad wording that.

  • Robert Heatherington

    Anyone else having trouble getting past the 2:20 mark? “Server lost
    Tried to reload and still the same. 

  • Brian Bresett

    You know It always surprises me when people like Mr Hellyer are given prime
    time news coverage and they don’t get defamed in the media. It just makes
    me think it’s all part of a plan.

    Don’t get me wrong, if he is indeed speaking from his heart and not a
    script I tip my hat to him. Brave man!! BUT, there are COUNTLESS incidents
    where people in the “alternate” news are dis-credited, made to look like
    fools and even die mysteriously. So why do some of them get a free pass and
    some of them don’t???

    I sincerely have NO IDEA who or what to believe anymore. The only thing I
    know for sure is that the mainstream media is a complete farce.

    • Mhi kl

      +Brian Bresett
      I, too, had your concerns, Brian.
      • I think it is his grey hairs, respect for his position in Canadian
      political history, his humanitarian sense abilities, and the fact that he
      has stood the test of time. I remember him from the Pearson-Trudeau days.
      He was liked by all political sides; a rarity in Canadian politics.
      • Another important speaker now coming into his stride is Richard Wolff, a
      man who speaks on the same vein, from a political-economic point of view.
      He too is being taken seriously, and amazingly, by some Republicans. His
      lectures are in greater demand in the deep-south heartland of that
      political party. Unthinkable short while ago.
      • Something is up. There is an awakening. The world is in a tenuous
      position and people are finally recognising that the old system cannot just
      be tinkered. The Roosevelt programme was torn asunder; the big guns (ideas)
      of complete reform is our only hope.
      Namaste and care,

    • Cheesy Biscuit

      It sounds cliche but maybe they do have a prime directive…. However I
      agree it’s time for them to reveal themselves. If they are psychic and they
      know who’s awake and aware they should contact people in the hopes of
      getting thier message across… Because I wouldn’t trust government to
      delineate anything accurately…. Makes me laugh that they deny the
      existence of E.T’s however they have an ambassador on standby just in case
      the do show up… to speak on behalf of the people of the world… I hope
      they don’t speak on behalf of me because the government will just distort
      the human message….

    • Mhi kl

      +Cheesy Biscuit
      I was/ am a little surprised. He opened himself up to ridicule.
      However, I have not seen many calls on the point.
      I am amazed by the good will most people accord Mr Hellyer. I remember his
      time in politics. He came across as a caring individual, politician.
      Actually, Trudeau’s crew seemed very open and approachable. We miss that in
      our politics with the crude that’s ‘ruling’ the roost now. Maybe they will
      be gone come October.
      And I suspect there are aliens. But why they don’t come and help put a stop
      the the nuts that are destroying our world is most curious.
      Namaste and care,

    • Cheesy Biscuit

      +Mhi kl Well yes…. As far as i’m concerned he could’ve been speaking to a
      family member, you see my point…
      I’m not discounting his honesty as a former politician to openly come out
      and talk about UFO’s must’ve been really hard for him to do, and I commend
      him for that….

    • Mhi kl

      +Cheesy Biscuit
      Does it matter? Always the artist, Mr Hellyer stands above most politicians
      and speaks from an honest heart.

    • Cheesy Biscuit

      +Cheesy Biscuit To Start a video with him already allegedly talking
      someone, how do we know if he was just talking into his phone with no one
      on the other side…. Does this video have a proper beginning or is this
      just it…. David please respond thanks…. Hopefully this will clear up my

  • Mhi kl

    +Starduster*RE In Motion
    We must all work together. There are the divisive people from both sexual
    platforms. Of the honest thinkers, both men and women are coming together
    to discuss these important topics.
    Continue your good discussion with both groups.
    Namaste and care,

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