Argentina’s Economy CONTINUES To CRASH! – Peso Reaches RECORD LOW

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the crippled Argentina economy as the Peso recently hits a new low record low… At least since the last peso hyperinflated and created less than 2 decades ago.
The Argentinian Peso fell below 29/USD which says a lot considering in comparison, the US dollar is also falling and devaluing at a rapid rate. Call it relative motion for the global monetary system.
The country has thrown $450 million at the market in an attempt to “stabilize” the problem, and most mainstream economists believe it has, paying no attention at all to history which plagues Argentina with over a dozen run-away or hyperinflations just over the past century.
John also goes into the habit of the central bank’s “carry trade” of low interest rates and liquidity used to buy “growth” and “inflation-linked” assets in emerging markets.

The fiat system always falls. It always has, it always will going back to 1024AD in China. Eventually.
As long as we believe in central planning, quantitative easing, fractional reserve lending, vast quantities of debt and legal tender laws we will see the same failures repeat themselves.

We must open up to the free market. Competing currencies. Let the individual decide and don’t enforce this insane debt bestowed on the masses by the same people who repeat history over and over again for eternity, making people subservient to debt and those who thrive on debt.

The fundamentals are off the table due to the level of manipulation in the monetary system as well as in the markets, so one cannot put a date on the coming crash, it’s simply inevitable, so people SHOULD be prepared!

Individuals must educate themselves, be independent, rule themselves and of course decentralize their lives! You can solve these problems for yourself and your family, but it’s up to you!

Stay tuned as we continue to cover the issues of Argentina.

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Matt ward

    All of emerging market currencies are crashing (not today) yea this don’t look good!! US $ can’t stay on top forever either. I got the feeling something BIG is coming down and its going to happen right after the World Cup ends!!!!

  • OMAC

    Josh, John!!!!
    Great reporting.
    HOWEVER, THE MAJOR FLAW IN your reasoning, is that these “crashes” ONLY OCCUR if you use the Jew buck system, aka the USD, SWIFT, etc.
    Central Banks of ALL sorts are set up to be based in JEW bucks, so when Jews crash a market, and CAUSE ORGANIZED COLLAPSES which is like LITERALLY their modus operandi.

    You guys lose your minds PROPERLY.
    But your not reporting that IF YOU USE the Jew money system, they can and WILL use this “tool” to crash your economies!!!!

    And then they let guys like Josh and John come along saying SEE!!!!
    THEIR currency is crap.
    THEIR currency.

    It’s NEVER the hyperinflation that holding the Jew buck brings, is it?


    YOUR smarter than this.
    In THIS role, your actually almost working FOR Israel by agreeing that some countries currency is CRAP in this Jew buck system.

    I been wondering about this a long time.
    Are you guys INADVERTANTLY being gatekeepers for the Jew buck system?

    (I think you ARE getting used to FURTHER the worthless Jew buck system that sees Jews tax ALL of us as IF they deserve the money.

    I dunno……pick it up.

  • runar500

    Listen guys.. You are doing a very good job, BUT.. Mr Sneisen needs to break this down to an even more elementrary level..
    Explain why the argenitian central bank sells so many dollars, hoe that will make the Peso stronger, and where does the central bank get its USD?

    -this is simple when you get it, but most people don’t..

  • Paul Montgomery

    go a little deeper guys, its not a mismanaged currency, it is a currency under attack. wonder who could be attacking?

  • Smufter16

    Crypto will be a fiat currency too once the Globalists hijack it and declare it the currency of the one world government. But it will be just electrons instead of paper. And MUCH easier to manipulate as it exists ONLY in virtual space with the caveat that the power/network have to be all working or you got nothing. Instead of the bank robbers coming in the front door and using guns, now they can sit comfortably in front of a computer. And if they are already in a position of power (e.g. regulatory or algorithmic), can steal your wealth undetected. “So sorry but somehow your Bitcoin account has been zeroed out. We are checking into it…thank you for your patience”. Bitcoin…really?

    The biggest blind spot of youth (male brains generally not fully mature until ~25) is the undying faith in technology, without factoring in the human elements of greed, corruption, bribery, and mis-use of power. The best system (yes, it will ALWAYS be flawed to some extent) would be a national currency controlled by elected officials of said government, not private corporations like the Federal Reserve. And backed by physical gold/silver/etc. There is no perfect system, but physical money > electronic numbers.

  • David CPro

    There is no secure place with any fiat currency, I remember a time when US dollar was head t head with the Argentinean peso, I lived in Argentina for my first 22 years of life and things were good at that point, here we are going the same way with the dollar going down like crazy, we are not safe even here, we can’t trust the dollar or any other fiat currency for that matter, to think because we live in the US with our cute green dollar and we are safe is complete stupidity, yes Argentina hasn’t learned from that and will keep failing… so has the US learned from that? because as far as I see and know our dollar is sucking and it continues to drpreciate every single day… so I don’t blame Argentina, politicians are cprrupted there and here too, the “They don’t learn” argument is not valid… because people don’t control that… governments do… so as long as we have governments controlling paper money we are all screwed, here there or in the moon… no matter what. Fiat currencies are a fail… sadly it is what the world uses… I wish we would go back to gold standard and quit the lies… however governments can’t make money that way… so they will continue craping on our heads creating another fake currency… it is what it is. Hopefully we personally doing something on our end to cover for this… gold silver crypto real estate… many things, prepare yourself cause the future is not bright for the dollar or any other fiat currency.

  • MetalGearMk3

    Buy Gold/Silver and Bitcoin(BTC) to protect your wealth. The Argentina’s government should of bought Bitcoin.

  • long-time listener , first-time caller

    brand new currency, same old bullshit lol! this isn’t “broken,” its working perfectly as designed. what makes ppl believe politicians are incentivized to serve and represent the taxpaying public?

  • Dean Di Mola

    You guys always say “fiat” currency. “Fiat” is a declared value set by the government (for example fixing the price of gold to a currency). We are now on a floating exchange system. The government doesn’t declare the price of money so please stop throwing the word “fiat” around constantly as if the central banks are governments are in control of anything!

  • ain't dat snipes

    every mofo printing money out the ass,if every central bank printing money wide open,how prey tell do u prevent your currency from crashin n burnin?

  • eurosensazion

    Same stuff with most emerging markets. Turkey as well. Their current Lira is simply a revamped Lira of the failed Lira in early 2000’s. The governments in these markets simply took the ride of cheap global rates and free cash and pumped the system to create double digit, multi year inflation to show rapid GDP growth and attract foreign investments and export. Turkey to date still prefers higher inflation then controlling it and doesn’t wanna raise interest rates. But speculators and big investors will take anyone on a ride. They may have helped the economy in a way but when they see an opportunity to destroy you they will.

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