Josh Sigurdson breaks down recent revelations by Wikileaks that the CIA is most definitely recording every day Americans and people abroad through not only their iPhones and Androids. Not only their Windows computers, but through their Samsung Smart TVs. This is something we at WAM have been warning about literally since our inception and goes to show that once again, we are unfortunately being vindicated.
The leaks come in several parts, exposing assassination methods, false flags, remote controlled car crashes and a Russia-Trump setup. In the leaks, it is made clear that despite turning off your Samsung Smart TV, it still records your conversations and stores them on a database. Outside of court this can be used as blackmail. Inside of a court room it can’t yet be used, but the state is working hard to make that happen.
Samsung warned its customers a few years ago in its privacy policy that people should not have private conversations around their TV. When they were hit by backlash, they removed the annotation from the privacy policy claiming that the TV does not record private conversations.
If only the CIA got that memo.

This leak is ground breaking and we’ve only just scratched the surface! Stay tuned for much more on this sickening, alarming story.
And on a side note, please start listening to us when we warn of such attacks on individual liberty. We’ve been right in every warning we’ve made over the years. We don’t warn of these restrictions on civil liberties lightly. We do a lot of research and work hard to ensure we’re giving you the right information.

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

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